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Xeolyte Carn (Fearless Blue)

Monday, May 02, 2005 - 09:03 pm Click here to edit this post
"Wouldnt all that wasted energy, resources, and money spent be better if it went to someone in a third world country to improve their life?"

And then what happens to it?
Their quality of life would improve, of course at the cost of ours.
Then what happens? They want what we had before. Except theres nobody to give it to them because all the useless internet service providers have shut down, the communication satelites have been shut down and left to drift because the ISPs cant pay the telecoms company for line rental, the telecoms cant pay the government the tax because they have no income and the government cant afford to maintain satellites that have no use.
Hey, they dont even have computers to tot up their bills and reduce the office paperwork.
Great, scrapping the luxuries of the modern day western lifestyle accomplished so much didnt it? Now nobody has much at all, the global communications network has broken down. Research has ground to a halt because people can no longer share their ideas or read about what others have researched. The education system has broken down because there are no cars to deliver pupils, teachers or resources. We revert to mindless, jobless savages. Well done. Job satisfaction in the extreme.
So in short, no, i would not consider giving up my lifestyle to benefit someone else any more than i would shoot myself in the foot. We went through the same stage that they will go through, i dont see why we should give up what we have collectively worked for so that some country we dont even know even one person in can grow into a flourishing community like we have now.

Call me selfish, but the western world has WORKED to get into the position its in now, we deserve much of what we have. When i am old enough and have educated myself to a standard that i feel means that i am able to make a meaningful contribution to my society then i will do so by working. Any decent person will do the same if they are able.
We had coal mine jobs maybe less than 200 years ago, hard manual labour as the only living.
The people in developing countries will have to do the same, and its been like this throughout history - one culture has always been better off than another, but only in this current age do we have the technology for the masses to see it happening.

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