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Big Daddy (White Giant)

Sunday, May 01, 2005 - 09:36 pm Click here to edit this post
Xeo- Again well expressed. You miss the main point however. Only the wealthy nations can afford to make environmental concerns a priority.

Yes Shiehk, 2 billion 53 Buicks would be pretty messy; but over a billion people trying to maintain a functional economy while biking to work is absurd. China and the third world must industrialize to raise their standard of living. They will pollute to do so. They must do so or the advanced Northern Hemisphere will continue to widen the economic gap between itself and the underdeveloped South. That will result, eventually, in a very large war. A war that will only end with the genocide of much of the populations of a couple of regions. Humans breed and expand their consumption. Facts of life. We improve our living standards by the creation of wealth. Some money goes into programs to directly address environmental concerns. More money goes into R&D to develope new technologies, most which are more energy efficient and conservative of nonrenewable resources. Personally, I do not look on the idea of 10 or 15 bilion human beings as a plague. We all have a right to life and to our own families. That means a growing population. We find the means to cope with environmental issues and that is that. To fervently wish for a much smaller human race is to wish for some very bad things to befall a lot of innocent people. A fellow named Adolf Hitler had some ideas about population control too. You check out a little book called Mein Kampf and read the chapter on "lebensraum". I agree that the world needs to clean itself up, but that will only happen with the economic progress of its population or the mass extinction of the human race. If you prefer the latter, you are a sociopath, plain and simple.

The US continues to make the most progress in environmental areas and will be the first to harness the newest energy sources. We will not live like medieval peasants to do so.

EG and I are lecturing on this thread in defense of our maligned nation. We have made bold assertions and back them up with argument. This is the exchange of ideas called debate. I welcome it, as you are all very smart and sincere people whose views are worth "examining" in the Socratic method. We will likely disgree, but the process contributes to our mutual respect and understanding. Who knows? You might even convince this old curmudgeon to change his mind about some things.

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