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Sunday, May 01, 2005 - 07:09 pm Click here to edit this post
Base price is important, it directly effects worst case profitability. it doesn't. the base price of a product is just the starting point of the price spectrum. supply and demand and cost of supplies is what determines the products profitibility, not the base price.

if you were to eliminate the base price, then players wouldn't have a clue as to were to start pricing. they would have a very hard time determining what price to sell thier product at.

it sounds like your upset over the setting of the base price and not the base price itself. would you prefer to have your corps loose money more often than they do now? do you realize that the corps that make money regardless of the price influences are the ones that c3s can't produce in sizable quantities? you think there's a reason for that? but hey, even those crappy wool corps produce good tax money when the market is in demand, but none when the market is in supply. this allows the c3s to lower production or just plain close when supply is high, allowing the market to swing back to high demand and profitability. just because you don't know how to manage that market swing doesn't mean that the base price factor is stupid or dumb.

besides, every single online game has base pricing in its markets. it's just a starting point for the market.

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