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El Guapo

Sunday, May 01, 2005 - 04:40 pm Click here to edit this post
Xeo: If I project intolerable pride, I'm sorry. This is not about offending anybody else's opinions. After all, here in America we cherish differences in opinions, and if we can just agree to disagree that will be fine.

(yes I said I'm sorry)

But I'm still proud, and proud to show my pride. As I said before, I worked very hard (not necesarily cleaning garbagge from the streets like Clear Fake), but hard enough to achieve something, to have a family and give them the very best, not what I have to settle for before. And this could not have happened anywhere else, but here. We are all entitled to opinions, but facts are not subject to sujetivisms. Therefore, I stand (proudly I may add) by everythig I have written before this point, with one reservation: Since I currently share my life with an European Community Citizen, I have nothing but respect and appreciation for the Millenia of culture you can breathe on those thight streets, driving those tiny cars. That doesn't mean I will stand motionless while my country gets slayed and smeared by those who can't stand the fact that (here I go again) The United States of America is the only remaining superpower.

Having an appointment in the faculty of a University, and being the author of several research papers and book chapters makes me an Academician. Not just being at the top of my game :)

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