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Borned "stick" and turned "trash" and ... t(o-b)urned "trash" (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Borned "stick" and turned "trash" and ... t(o-b)urned "trash" (Fearless Blue)

Clear Hat Of Wonders (Fearless Blue)

Sunday, May 01, 2005 - 05:25 am Click here to edit this post
Simply called S(tick)-T(urned trash)-T(urned-burned trash) or "state"-round,
.... when we hear it in "United States of America", is reffering to the way it Looks USA (for example "united states of lookers" or "Lucas ... and this would be not yet bad, but when George ad one b we find the gar/b/age ... Bush" ... are you fresh enough to recognize the differencies?),
... or simply known as K-K-K or Ku-Klux-Klan, like we hear it in the same territories coming with the way USA "Books" its trash in cownstitutional trials,
... or just simply heard in one of these versions, all these "Stick and Trash" stories were and still are up to you reader ... up to you what is to watch and down to what flag, how: "You wanna be in-side ... " or "return from the States your own state of mind" (for example if "Idiot" ... you perhaps watched the El Idiot "the all books reading and all meals dirty dishing" in this forum BB, he is also calling himself the "guapo" ... he believes he is a teacher, the "Tea-Scare" fair and square dicker-teach, now teaching hillbilly in USA ... big deal, undoubtly ...)

As a major un-discovery in the "states" or "KKKs" lands, since the unpublished "liberation" movement from 1914 (in that days, known better from the city-zens streets than today from the TaVa-Rich screens as states-"Clearance" versus .... "Woodrow"s-KKK) ...
... we, the intelligent - the only intelligence as Earthly possible as it does "stick the trash" - just we mention (and "recognize") the great thieverlucKKKy (re-)discovery called that days and today "A-1" ... the Atomic Bomb ...
That radioactive success made the "USA liberation" think and believe the bomb was perhaps meant to burn out more of the KKK typical trash and any inocent clearance intention - inocence was considered dangerous as a war enemy - and A-1 was dreamed sticking the trash in the New Painful-sylva-NietscheNations Hell of Idiots ...

The "liberation" movement believed that A-1 was the missing stick (and if it would not be discovered yet, then at least it would be immediately stealed from God Himself), it was believed that their thievery actions were successful because they were not alone in such need of A-1, but perhaps even Nietsche's God was needing that A-1 stick ... So, the second world war was planned from the bases of the A-1 "armstrong" philosophies against the scarce noises of Luftwaffe van FoulishIvan antediluvian violins (my innocent clearance: Gershwin was their New mendeleevian Ludwig van Bethoven flower of "mens sana" and the rhapsody in blue was a lil'bit green, poisoneous gas). As we saw their woodstocKKK pain therapy seemed more painful in the middle of the "second world war"(!) ... when they thought to use A-1 for the first time as War Insider.
Two seconds for comments: for me this so called "success" of the S.T(a)T.(es) of KKK is strange ... even if I would be an "el idiot" reader of stories, this WWII nipponic pain would not appear to me painful enough to use the A-1 against someone, japanese or not ... but, because I don't match the idiot kind of reader, I think a little more, I think that an A-1 placed in the Heart of the Sunrising Japan is too much a foolish on-going move for ...
... The Newly "Opened Nuclear Wars Section" from the Apes World Hystheory (my innocent clearance: not top secret, rather vegetative bottom),
... too much a foolish thing not to be counted like that, but counted not in their readables, in their apes histheory ...
(el idiots ensures me that ape "history" is readable and more than a definition ad-literam of the word)
... as much as a foulish action in the history of the "stick and trash" ...
Unfortunately there is enough "trash" today (even for tomorrow) that we, the intelligence, cannot count on someone to stick the words gathered here into one Idea, so I am going to try again:
The use of A-1 is hardly understandable even by "idiots", not only by intelligent people, ... as long as it is targeting the "total extinction" of the enemy side and not the negotiated success between two fighting nations / sides.
But what is interesting for us, the intelligent people, is not how KKK apes read their hystheory or what they happen to understand after outnumbered stupid / reversible interactions (El Guapo type) ... instead, it is interesting how this "mistake" counts in the Real History of "stick and trash" ... and lets check out one more time:
- they make a mistake for the entire future of Nuclear A-1 Based Wars attacking straight in the Heart of Sunrise (Japan) - intelligent nuclear wars strategies allow in the end the fight between generals, intelligent generals and a success based on negotiations, nuclear hits do not target the heart of the enemy territory because there is no negotiation after and because the enemy can be hurt so badly that will strike back, perhaps more badly ... and maybe this is the mistake that counts mostly for any real history idea of Sticking the Trash - it happens to be a mistake what apes believed is the Stick of God for their successful "liberation" from the fake godess rules of Europe;
- also they make another mistake that counts for the "safetyness of the states and of the KKK, but
actually safetyness of the Trash they are" which actually reveals who the trash is ... and will be.

Between these two swords - one of being, not just taken as a Trash and another one of being left without what they believed it was the main Stick - its not so hard to revise the "stick and trash" theory, hoping to find a solution.
At its origins, "Stick the trash" atitude
was described for those borned "stick" belonging to Europe and those turned "trash" leaving to
America to avoid discriminations pointing out from these discriminative problems, pointing out from a between black and white or between wealthy and poor to a better reason to think about: "the clearance". It was just a moment in the evolution of the entire world when the european Advocatengelists were borned stick and the American evocatengelists were turned trash because, it was expected that the americans will be some day greater in many problems than, just a little while ago, were the europeans and americans were not expected to evocate european cultures, but to go on for further civilian developments - the american feedback in Europe was planned to be realised at different administrative levels, which were not accessible to communities ... shortly: a community of american Evocativengelists evocating european cultures was supposed to be the trash that had to be sticked from Europe back to USA, not the same things were planned to happen in the economic administration (this is just an example). This was how the atitude observed anytime, any century, by anyone who visited a monastery or a church, this was how this atitude of cleaning the trash became an official politic, for the first time in USA.

I would very much like to say in the end that we have some "players" Borned "trash" here ... in simcountry, no matter what their disarmonic-Ego is trying to teach everybody ...

And I would like now to say how the apes will fail: El Guapo is here in simcountry the best Bush example. For further details ask an astrologue.

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