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Big Daddy

Sunday, May 01, 2005 - 12:59 am Click here to edit this post
Xeo- yup, our SUV's can be gas hogs. They are also expensive and a pain in the ass to maintain. As for CO2 emissions, the studies that count are the ones that actually test the environment, not the theoretical models made on extrapolating data from other factors, how many cars in the US e.g. The co2 levels in the atmosphere between Hawaii and the west coast consistently test higher than the levels between the east coast and Europe/Africa. You tell me. Does the US produce more carbon dioxide? You'll find, son, that statistical data generally isn't worth the paper its printed on. Judge by what you see with your own eyes. When I can bass fish in a river surrounded by industry and personally see the littering that is a way of life in europe, I draw my own conclusions. When a local company exec here gets jail time for dumping a couple of barrels of low grade chemicals behind his plant and the clean, green europeans can't find fish in the med, I draw my own conclusions.
I don't care what the issue you're talking about is, but you'll find if you look deep enough that money and power is usually the real story behind it. I don't take things for granted, but I don't hesitate to acknowledge what I see either. You're right that we Americans drive some beastly vehicles, but for the last 10 years, they have been practically zero emmission. Don't get wound up about particulate parts per billion; if you can stick your face up to the exhaust and breath freely, its pretty damned clean. I have to recycle my plastic and cans here with our trash. It's the law. Once again, only the economic success here lets us worry about such things. You think they recycle much in Hong Kong? You seem like a smart kid Xeo. Look a little deeper.

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