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Big Daddy

Sunday, May 01, 2005 - 12:36 am Click here to edit this post
Guapo: hats off to you on your educational accomplishments. That's why I'll never challenge you on the pure academic stuff. My own training, BA Military History, math minor, has been geared to leading grunts in combat. Life, I've found, is the greatest teacher. You seem to be decrepit enough to have been around the block yourself and have obviously learned to think for yourself and not be afraid of drawing conclusions. The works of the great minds that have eloquently expressed through the written word those truths that we regular folks just suspected do have their uses in clarifying our views. My respects to anyone who can stomach Voltaire, the pompous ass. It DOES take one to know one after all. My rantings at the kids playing this game are mostly an exercise in jerking chains, but you are entirely correct in surmising that the free exchange of ideas is among the greatest priveleges in which we can indulge as free men. What I would like my European friends to think about here is that their grandparents paid a dear price for mindlessly buying into the slop that European politics has never seemed to rid itself of. They want to demonize the bad old USofA as the source of all evil in the world and ignore the potential Stalins and Hitlers that live right next door to them. I did my duty and will have to answer for my choices if the religiously-inclined are right; I don't want my two boys to have risk their asses in some faraway land for other peoples obstinate ignorance. That has been an unfortunate American tradition in the 20th century, however.

The free thinking YOU talk about is the hardest discipline of all to master. It requires constant questioning of one's own core beliefs and a true openmindedness to change them. What these kids see as being openminded and nonjudgemental is the same intellectual apathy that sheep demonstrate on the way to the slaughterhouse. I'm a jaded old fool that has seen enough death for this lifetime. You kids reading this discussion need to think about what you have and how you got it. Nothing in this life is without cost. Europe hasn't had to pay the butcher's bill for its freedom for a few generations and when it comes due, the price may be fatal. Those 600million illeducated, lied-to, and oppressed muslims aren't going to invade the US. You are westerners in their eyes and ifidels to boot. For your own sakes, wake up to way the world really works. America is a isolationist nation at heart. We've gotten out of the habit for the last 60 years or so, but its the easiest thing in the world to say so what. We may not always be willing to stick our noses into the rest of the world. Think for yourselves and accept the fact YOU are responible for keeping what you have and that there are those in the world that gladly kill you for having it.

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