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El Guapo

Saturday, April 30, 2005 - 11:52 pm Click here to edit this post
Daddy-o, my pants are on, but I'm still pissing :)

I have spent countless hours trying to de-programme myself, reading countless books (not just the ones assigned, but counter-opnions and critiques of those counteropinions), extreme left (Voltaire, Nietzche), I have read the Bible (cover to cover) several times, Torah, Islamic textbooks and some Koran (sorry, that one bored me SOOO BAD), Joyce, Kundera, Tagore, Mao, Jorge Luis Borges, Garcia Marquez, I read The Wall Street Journal and Izvestia, and watch one independent (that is, not Hollywood made) and foreign films for every blockbuster I'm forced to sit through by offspring and companion. All of this and more for one purpose only: Keep an open mind.

I'm painfully aware of the propaganda the American media injects on their devotees every night at primetime, and the sactioned lecture (the ones who read) they're allowed to see (The post, NY times to name the gravest offenders of unbalanced paper media). Do you watch Fox (obviously not) or their counterpart, MSNBC?

Healthy skepticism? I don't think so. Goverment suspiciousness is a more acurate term, since each and everyone of the teenagers I know believe what they see or hear in MTV or VH-1 without questioning. Even my studs come with the most bizarre ideation now and then (still remember the one who told me that the Apollo landings were staged). One thing is to question the establishment, other very different is to have an open mind, balanced, what you may just call "healthy skepticism". The only way you can achieve the latter, I'm afraid, with something not everybody knows or is able to do: become an autodidact.

Take you yourself as an example: putting aside the advantage that experience and being an old fart gives you (c'mon, you're smiling aren't you, Methuselah), try to convince me that you did not learn what you know or think the way you do by reading, reading a lot, not just for the pleasure of knowing, but the satisfaction of knowing more. Try to tell me that reading and informing yourself about obscure facts, thing out of mainstream, the books in the upper most shelf, without colour illustrations (now I'm being judgemental) and with almost no writting on the library card, did not make you happy, or (most important) actually CHANGED your pre-conceptions.

I've tried over an over to teach that, that simple but powerful mantra, that in order to find the "thruth" you have to look for it, and look hard, only to find (at the end) that the journey itself is the thruth. Thusfar I've had moderate success in propagate that, into the very minds of those who "self selected" into that path by entering an Ivy League School. I wasn't expecting to find somebody akin in a free webgame BB.

Xeo: I don't mind to be disliked, I'm not afraid of speak out my mind. I believe what I believe because I worked very hard to achieve those beliefs. I could not have achieved half of what I have by living outside the US. In no other place the son of poor immigrants could have risen to attain two doctoral degrees. Nowhere else there's this wealth of information, in all languages, streams, and types, available for those who ask. The brightest minds work here. Check the greatest advances in the history of mankind for the last 100 years, they were made all here. Invention of the car, phone, plane, plastic, MRI, space missions, nuclear power, vaccines, and many more. Try to conduct research in Tegucigalpa, or Lagos, or Islamabad, or Bucharest, without funding and were libraries don't have books, and they do not know what the Internet is (invented here too, by Al Gore :) )

If you still think I'm the most arrogant and prepotent of the yankees, then prove me wrong. Show me the accomplishments of your nation, show me your top ranked universities, and how many Nobel Prizes have been adjudicated to the faculty there, show me your economy, stable and independent from Wall Street, show me your healthcare system with inventions and advances NOT made in the US, show me your independent and unbiased journalism and media (I speak 5 languages, and my TV have a lot of european, latin america and asian channels, chances are that your TV station is there, and I've seen it), show me just how the location of Shangri-La is actually in your back yard, and that Nirvana is just the Hindi translation of your country's name: and when you fail to do that, then show me class and conceed.

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