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Arrogance... (White Giant)

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Saturday, April 30, 2005 - 10:24 pm Click here to edit this post
"We have witnessed some changes in FB recently and some changes to the war engine and we think that even large players are now much less secure in their positions and arrogance may subside."

First and foremost, the changes to the war engine are minimal and dont change a damn thing when it comes to the large players. The only people able to field the armies to take advantage of the changes are the large countries.

I see no arrogance by the large players (they know whom they are) you refer too. They simple state facts. It is those *arrogant* players that have been pushing for massive changes to the war engine to allow themselve to fight each other and other changes to give small countries a chance. It is YOU that are so staunchly against it. It is because of YOU that there are only about 2 dozen players that actually know the war engine. YOU have made war so difficult to wage that no one can learn it. YOU have made it so that those *arrogant* players group together to terrorize and dominate their worlds. YOU have made it so that noobs are slaughtered.

Resetting FB or any of the worlds would accomplish nothing. You would get the exact same situation a month later. Either threw buying pop, or the annihalation of everyone else by what is left of those *arrogant* players.

A single country with 10M pop annihalated an empire of 5 countries with over 100M pop, which happened not so long ago and was all over the boards. The mentality of the 2 presidents was totally different, one being a warlord the other an economist. The war engine KNOWLEDGE was only had by the 10M pop country, the 100M pop empire had 0 though his forces where 5x larger. 10M pop country quickly broke the empires defenses, while the empire couldnt even land a single attack that did damage despite his best attempts.

I have watched wars waged by noobie warlords and it is pathetic. Loses against even soft countries are horrendous, and they quickly lose interest in the war aspect of the game. Those same arrogant players you refer to attacking the same countries lose virtually nothing. That is YOUR fault. War is a lost art that is too difficult for most to pursue, and those that still know it would have good reason to be arrogant.

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