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Big Daddy (Kebir Blue)

Saturday, April 30, 2005 - 09:41 pm Click here to edit this post
Excellent contribution Jarren. You also forgot to add that the Southern Colonies were very much concerned about a crown-imposed abolition of slavery. Old Ben wasn't the only one who had no faith in the "experiment" proving out in the long run. If you have the time, The Federalist Papers make for very enlightening read as to the conflicting views of the day. The US has without a doubt a bloody and ignoble history in many regards. The big difference is that that US has, on occasion, broken from the path of self-interest and realpolitik to act on principle. Wilson and the 14 Points for example. Americas sheer size and capabilities have thrust it into the position of world watchdog and meddler since the big one. Incidently, a war FDR had to drag the American people into kicking and screaming.

Where our views might diverge is on the subject of objective truth. The US has engaged in the propaganda game with its own people in generations past, no doubt. The quantity of info available to American citizens in the past couple of decades coupled with an education system that delights in casting its parent nation in the worst light possible have given the public here a healthy skeptical view about our "nobility". Keep your pants on Guapo, you know what damned near every university Poli-Sci department here is like. One need look no further than the history of the Zionist movement and creation of the State of Israel and compare the facts of the matter to what most westerners are ignorant of and the rest of the world out and out dead wrong about. I hold this view because of experience dealing with people from many nations and learning what have been taught. I will offer a 100 gc bounty to anyone who can produced a Japanese textbook that discusses Imperial Army practices in China circa 1935-45. Every government tries to BS its citizens to some extent, I would agree; but, the ability to do so successfully is a measure of the true freedom in that country. The only really huge conspiracy in this country that has seemed to endured any length of time in America involves the Kennedy Assassination and the secrecy around that will likely crumble upon the demise of Castro.

I also agree with you that we as Americans have a egocentric approach to our worldview in general. That, however, does not make that view invalid. Much political hay has been made in our country over the extent and necessity of US involvement in all the wars/genocides/famines/etc. in which we constantly find ourselves embroiled. HBO is running a movie right now about what bastards we were for not going into Rawanda to "stop" the massacres. HMMMM. Were the French, British, Germans(screw the Basic Law), Russians, Chinese, ad Nauseum invited to that dance as well? This is what pisses off so many Americans. We can do what no one else in the world can:project global force in a short time frame. When and where and how we do so seems to be a dammned if do or dont proposition. The mid 90's saw europe clamoring for the big bad green machine to deal with the disintregation of Yugoslavia in their back yards, while less than a decade later, claiming moral indignation at our trying to do something decisive in the Middle Eastern fiasco.

We Americans can be judgemental as hell about the rest of the world, but we've bought that right in blood and treasure.

Speaking for myself, I dream of the day when the rest of the western nations step up and take responsibilty as world actors and stop being armchair quarterbacks. Americans have died for freedoms both yours and mine. My younger brother is still in uniform and continues to put his ass on the line for all of us. You may see being nonjudgemental as a sign of openmindedness. The real world of death and destruction(ask the citizens of Beruit or Sarajevo) lies just around the corner to give you a steel jacketed wake up call. Pacifism is the privelege of the sheltered. This a dangerous, dangerous world and any who value their freedom to disagree and ability to express that view need to thoroughly examine the mechanism by which they may do so.
Thanks for the great retort Jarren. Please fire away.

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