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You lost the war...

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Clear Hat Of Wonders (Fearless Blue)

Friday, April 29, 2005 - 09:08 pm Click here to edit this post
Its good to be here again ... Various people like you always makes me think of a game while just talking anything (for example I had here a squirmish combat discussion with America's supporters or declared enemies and I had also a squirmish football round with El Guapo and other players who match or a temperated alergenic psychosis or a hysteric and atrophic personality).

Actually, you or I or we don't need anymore to play and win the simulation game when we can get a draw and a balance of the various situations resulted from these discussions, a balance of the various friends we can meet in such "simcountry" games, in such great occasions to meet great friends.

Now I must remember that Visigoth hasn't replied ... perhaps we didn't lost him yet.
... But El Guapo says that he leaves and I am going to answer first to him.

El Guapo, dear ... you make sommmme incorrect deductions with your translation "machine". Let me show how your machine works analising my words, here is what I said and after what your machine told you about my words:
"perhaps you accept as friends only guys weaker than you" T: why you hate me so much? (answer, because you are a looser).
Now lets display these in chronological order:
- I said ... how you choose your friends (weaker than you ... I said it for George Dimitrov, one of your best friends - as you told us)
- The machine said ... (analising my idea of "how you choose your friends") ... why you hate me so much? ... and these machine-words if were going to replace my words means that you don't even choose your friends, you rather prefere to think about that people "why you hate me so much?"
- You said ... about the machine words, also confirming the interpretation ... (answer, because you are a looser) ... you were answering here to your own question (why you hate me so much?) used to come into your mind when you choose your friends.

Now, I answered ... remembering you when I told you some time ago that I consider you a friend.

A little bit later I told you that I cannot continue the discussion (personal problems enforcing me to leave) ... you perhaps waited this moment and replied, but not against me this time, against people like me ... this time you believe that people like me exists as a form of association.

While answering to my relpies, yesterday you complained or even complied to the whole text ... I was supposed to believe that you are a woman (because women comply or complain)... but you were telling the truth in your second intervention (quote):
"I'm going to miss you man. All this entertaining, for free (like everything oyu own).
Aquilas non cupit muscas"
And women do not tell the truth when they complain sometimes complying ... so, you are not taken as a woman, but you were feeling like a woman, feeling Almost Defeated.
Obviously the balance between your generosity and your need of fight shows that you are over 24-25 years old, but your phraseology is longer than usual which means you perhaps finished your studies at a university ... and in such cases the balance is restored after 5 years and it simply means you must be over 29-30 years. You may be mad against me if I am younger, but you can be superficial or you can be a lazzy brain type and feel like a woman (complying, complaining) ... you can be mad against me, but reasonable if you are younger ... and I still love you (as friends).
The thing that turned you visibly against me was that when I said how you could be the webmaster, but unfortunately - I said - you are just "The Virus"
I must ad that is someone who answered with the same "Aquila non capit muscas" ... is Deez and also Nimz could do the same (are you Knights?)... Perhaps you are a doctor (you tried to find me some psychologic diagnosys, but you failed being so tiny, so small ... that you could not see the mountain). But I rather believe you need a friend.

In reply to your dicton and to what iki ryo believes about my anti-american ideas ... she told me that I am a jerk ... well dear iki and dear Guapo, the american officially established institutions received an answer to your or their same dicton (latin): Samantha is not living in America ... unfortunately I don't have time not to ex-muscas this answer for your but heads.

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