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Big Daddy

Friday, April 29, 2005 - 04:29 pm Click here to edit this post
El Guapo: The US remains the worlds dominant power, IMHO, for several simple reasons.

1. Plentiful Quantity and Efficient Exploitation of Available Natural Resources

2. Free Market Culture( note more than economy)

3. The Constitution and Rule of Law applied to a degree unparalleled in the rest of the world.

There have been those that claim that there are better places to live in the world, and as a subjective statement based on personal tastes, that may be true for some individuals. However, for the long term, this country, warts and all, still has the most effective political system, the greatest economic potential and flexibility, and the culture of freedom. Other nations of the world have some of these elements, but none combine them all in the American manner. This is a nation of malcontents and rebels and those who will not accept the status quo. We receive new influences and ideas from the rest of the world continuously as well as their people. While far from perfect, this is still the place to be to reach your potential without selling your soul.

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