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El Guapo

Friday, April 29, 2005 - 01:17 pm Click here to edit this post
Thanks for your thoughtful comments. You keep impressing me the more I know you. Yes your quote of one of my favorite books (Simulacra and simulation) is correct, but out of context. Simulacra is what keeps you binded, because you will not accept nothing as an answer (Beaudrillard borrowed that from Voltaire). That's what make the Simulacra true, because the alternative (nothing) is something unnaceptable to the weaked minded. Anyway...

I'm well aware of Dimitri Mendeleev's work in phylososphy and alchemy. A deductive genius (but very ackward, even by his time's standard, for never cutting his beard or hair) e has this notion of fuid states, were human may "evolve" (not an appropiate translation, since my russian is limited to medical terminology) in between them to achieve health. The Culture of fear is posterior to his time, and belongs to a series of authors, whose better exponent is (IMHO) William Burroughs (try "Nova Express", is a delight to read), making the analogy incorrect.

I'm not afraid of personal attacks (unless they are the proverbial sticks and stones), and I rather enjoy a high class ideological debate. But the devil is in the details: for it to be high class it must be held by people with simmilar education, not by those who "believe" that they are educated, out of stream geniuses that could (and would if they have some missing ingredient) discover nirvana, stop ragnarok and twart armmageddon even before it occurs. This is the type of personalities that keep tautological discurses for self comptempt, instead of intellectual rewards, and when run out of ideas (generally early in the debate) resort to Ad hominem attacks; and I have an issue with that.

Please don't be inclined to believe now this is a catilinarie about him. Nothing far from the thruth. I won't even held against him his being romanian. I've been in Bucharest, and enjoy the food and the people I met there. I pitty him for being a pawn of a (dead) system that emphatyzes propaganda over content. And no, I'm not like the "herd". Being in America gives me the insider point of reference, that allows me to single them out and call them out for what they are. In fact I have posted many lines below that we academicians have been mocked and ridiculed for holding to our own believes rather than adopting the goverment sanctioned "Pax Americana" doctrine. But the fact remain that the United States is the only remaining superpower, from the economical, military and (why not) academical point of view. to deny that is (to put it in Joseph Fouche's words): C'est plus qu'un crime, c'est une faute politique.

To live in this world is to be a politician. It is entangled in every aspect of daily living, from giving a lecture in the State University of New York about the surgical approach to Crohn's disease, to get a ticket for theatre in Broadway. And political statements have 2 inherent qualities: they resort to the culture of those for who are intended, and they are "humane" in the eyes of the recipiet only. I'm sure you may read into that.

I'm sorry about your dislike for this country, but you are not alone. I wish you will see not just the bad things America does, but also the good and reserve your judgement until then. And I wish we can continue this delightful conversation, at this same level, I might just stick around in the game. Au revoir

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