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You lost the war...

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Subcomandante iki-ryo (Fearless Blue)

Friday, April 29, 2005 - 06:08 am Click here to edit this post
Hey Guapo, i read your analysis of Clear Hat..., however, I'm not impressed. You know why?

..He is Romanian, afterall. Everything you mentioned is already a given. ^__~ \/..

But to be fair to him (sigh) I think you are misjudging him...

Yes...All the romanians ive spoken to over the years bear much resemblance to Clear Hat...(that, and they have all had an affinity for learning English without the proper instruction--blame their government..)
so... strangely enough, I understand (for the most part) everything he says... (i guarrantee it's more disturbing than it sounds).

(If anyone wants a clear, and honest, translation of what Chow is saying..ill be willing to make one) moving along...

to El guapo, a few things.

1 his reference to mendeleev was not to 'quote 19th century alchemy' but use it as an analogy--as a critique of north american (namely american) tendencies to mass-produce the Chompskian "culture of fear" and pull the proverbial 'wool' over the eyes of the Public for the sake of maintaining the capitalist hegemony of the the American millitary industrial complex. : P

I could be wrong, but Chow's general theme isn't entirely to attack you personally, just the nature of the American 'system'....which reminds me of a quote: "The Simulacrum is never what hides the truth. It is the truth that hides the fact that there is none--the Simulacrum is true" <--correct me if i have misquoted this so-called 'Ecclesiastes' quote (from the Jean Beaudrillard book - 'Simulacra and Simulation')

2. On the other hand, your own comments towards him has generally led him to believe that you are no different than the rest of the lemming herd in control of north america-believing that the United States is still the best, bravest, most true and have the 'god-given' right to dictate and manipulate what others do. Chow references media, culture and other superstructures that reinforce this 'simulated' hegemony..the fact is that it is all false--all manufactured, in the sense that it is true only to the extent that you are made to believe it is.

3. I can only agree to an extent of what Chow says, since his own views are distorted by the repressed nature of his countrys' political institution...

4. But please don't pick on him so much. It's not like he does it because he is genuinely a jerk. Pity him for not respecting others opinions, but don't lower yourself and seek to destroy him on the forums for the sake of your inner-child-ish desires.

it only proves that he is correct.

5. my apologies for invading this thread, but even if chow isnt my favorite person, he still deserves to be treated with a little humanity..and i also apologize if I may have offended anyone with this post. if my own post seems garbled an nonsensical, ill be happy to clarify (it is getting late after all and im tired).


The Samurai (Subcomandante Insurgente) iki-ryo

(oh, p.s since Matt hasnt replied to you...he probably wants you to contact him - i am guessing-- to have a conversation with you ( obviously philosophical in nature). I dunno but i bet your comment: "still praying to the game gods? do not waste your time, they are made of mud." gave him the urge.)

(i bet im right, arent I Matthew?) ^__^ \/..

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