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El Guapo

Thursday, April 28, 2005 - 09:33 pm Click here to edit this post
Translation of self-comptempting rethoric to plain English:

"day by day able to work 40 hours in medium or heavy jobs"
T: Construction worker

"in front of such a huge guy - you've just met"
T: short, weak (and probably ugly)...

"there are not more than thirty books read by me"
T: dislexic or just plain stupid, low schoolarship

"my whole 34 years"
T: old and immature (and a hit in my predictions of you, eat that sausage-jockey)

"I never spent more than 40 minutes on the best of them"
T: Attention-deficit hyperactive disorder, or just can read fast enough to keep interest, or brain the size of a 10 cent coin.

"I know things you will never find out in one thousand years from now "
T: member of a cult, in need of deprogramming. Severe inferiority complex.

"your writtings could show some of your future or past diseases, families or jobs"
T: fortune teller on the weekends to supplement income from construction work.

"I told you how easy I lose my patience"
T: low IQ generating bad temper. Criminal profile.

"shout the USA's TV's input of garbage in your co-trash-national brains"
T: my TV is still black and white, and I've never seen Friends or American Idol

"could also be the synonime for "comrade" "
T: Member of the communist party, (and out of job, therefore, working like proletarian in costruction to sustain house were I still live with mom that sells my body to supplement income as fortune teller gipsy)

" Fish me more ... HAHA "
T: repressed homosexual ideation (easy cure, just come out of the closet were your dad locked you)

"perhaps you accept as friends only guys weaker than you" T: why you hate me so much? (answer, because you are a looser).

At the end of the day, I was right about you (check my predictions if you can read that long without starting to drool).

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