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Clear Hat Of Wonders (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, April 28, 2005 - 09:30 pm Click here to edit this post
A needed answer to Visigoth:

he said,
"Today is ANZAC day here in the land down under,and I salute every one of the Aussie soldiers who have served in the armed forces over the last 100 years.Its governments that pervert war and turn it into a supermarket,not soldiers."

Then, I guess the USA's special trained soldiers and officers decided to wash their socks with their own hands for this Special day (not as they usually do - read: unusual - when they count on the basic camp laundreries).

he also said,
"My own country of Australia recently 'helped'East Timor gain its independance from a reluctant Indonesia.The soliders did some wonderful work there helping to rebuild towns and safeguard citizens from Militia attempting to slash and burn the country.They acted with honour and courage and no thought of profit."

No dear Visigoth, I think the american or australian soldiers could not rebuild towns or if they just tried, then that explains the whole terror that was oriented against them after "rebuilding". You must learn why: the arabs or east-timor people use to rebuild the largest buildings of their own towns in the valleys or centres of the cities, not on the "Top of the Hill" or at "The Gates" of the towns like american or australian soldiers learned "how to rebuild" in american or australian territories.

And how could these highly trained puppies could rebuild anything ... just an outgoing question, well, perhaps there is an explanation for the outstanding formation of the Australian army oriented versus New Zeeland geographies, but its a savage way to rebuild ... I'm sure, do you know the geography from New Zeeland Visigoth dear?

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