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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

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Clear Hat Of Wonders (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, April 28, 2005 - 09:07 pm Click here to edit this post
El Guapo dear ... I told you who I am, we can repeat together some things: able to learn at first sight (reading), day by day able to work 40 hours in medium or heavy jobs, 60 hours with a PC, able to discover what "El Guapos" authors usually forget to write in their books in less than 5 minutes (it was: in less than ten seconds of combinatorics, when I was 20 years old) - no matter what is that book about (Space travel or "Undermining" El Guapo's refrigerator with XX's century sarchastic weather problems) - and may be you want also to remember that I am not going to a psycho-therapist ... and here is why: because I do not have problems, but - of course - your "USA's militaristic middle road psycholo-dog-ic accusations" are just your trash-national-istic excuse (type of) in front of such a huge guy - you've just met ...
I can ad that there are not more than thirty books read by me in my whole 34 years, I mean read from the front page to the last page (I never had patience to read about what El Guapo type of authors tried to give up there, in the books), but I had ten thousands of books in my hand (all bought by myself) and I never spent more than 40 minutes on the best of them (and this was happening only if were somehow well invested these minutes, some information was requesting a longer and complex search and research ...). About research now, I know things you will never find out in one thousand years from now on and if you were God I will ask you "why are you so small?" ... I should ad that the "little simcountry" is not how I think it should be, but near this game (the way you call it) I am also discovering things about creatures like you (your names for example are telling me more than you know about yourself, your face can tell me in seconds who you really are or your family was in the past centenial generations, your writtings could show some of your future or past diseases, families or jobs ... for example El Guapo could be a good webmaster in simcountry, unfortunately he is just "The Virus", HAHA :))

And because I did not read your reply to the bottom, I told you how easy I lose my patience in front of such a great Intelligence - and Great leaving - you are, I could not see that you indeed answered: The Handsome one ... I was afraid to say that you are hating the mexican population putting this as a reason for you to chose such a short president or CEO name ... Now I am afraid you are so stupid to shout the USA's TV's input of garbage in your co-trash-national brains, to shout "El Guapo" as being a great thing, "the Handsome one" ...
Well, then ask a specialist (try one from Europe ... if you have time) about how El Guapo could easily be the name of a "dead" or rare bird, of a surprising fast fish or ... of the USA's hate for mexican people too (USA's tipical atitude) or could also be the synonime for "comrade" as it was used in Soviet Union and Europe (still in use ... you know these El Guapo Comrade, The Handsome one comrade??)

In the end dear Handsome Comrade ... Fish me more ... HAHA :)

About George Dimitrov ... being the best of your friends here, haha, perhaps you accept as friends only guys weaker than you. Help yourself Dimitrov.

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