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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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Where's the fun gone? (Fearless Blue)

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Big Daddy

Thursday, April 28, 2005 - 05:16 pm Click here to edit this post
Visigoth, I agree with you. The economic chaos resulting from pop reductions and other changes to the game makes things frustrating as hell. In this round for me, I'm playing a war oriented country on KB and a peaceful economic country on WG. Despite the two approaches, I'm having to do the same things for both worlds. When I started this game around 6 months ago, I concluded that as a war game, it was worse than pathetic. Therefore, I played to master the economic side and experimented with different strategies to see what works. Since the introduction of polling, the changes have been fast and furious as you know. However, they have been brought about by our own bitching. Some have been good, but most have been for the worse. Until W3c makes up its mind about what it wants simcountry to be, these attempts to cater to our whims will continue to break what works and exacerbate the problems that have never been adequately addressed, i.e. the war egine. John just posted another great explanation of the flaws in the economic aspect of the game and while true, it still begs the question: what is working and what isn't? since all the changes in the last few months, it seems that no one is happy. I still believe in the POTENTIAL of this game. My humble opinion is that W3c needs to increase the differences between the worlds to make each more specific to the style of play the various constituents of the game have been espousing. The attempts to curb abuse or perceived abuse have simply reduced everyones freedom of action to the lowest common demoninator. The vets of the game can't agree on many of these issues, much less those just learning it. It would appear that establishment of some priorities in terms of functionality and continuity by W3c is the order of the day. It's their game to control. I say let them decide what they want it it to be, explain their position to us players thoroughly, and then let us figure out how to fit our goals and aspirations into the framework of the game. Trying to make everyone happy is impossible. The best that could be achieved is to tailor each world to better facilitate the style of the players there. Let the warlords duke it out on FB, the economists make money in safety on KB, and new players learn the game on WG. For those who want to grow their countries to unlimited size, maintain GR as a reset free world without that option beyond 50mil pop on the others. Until some stability is established with the game system, so that we players know what to expect from a day to day basis, things will continue to spiral downward. While I am not ready to quit just yet, I can certainly respect the decisions of the vets who are leaving. As a final suggestion to W3c: A moratorium on changes for one real world month. Let us catch our breath here and figure out what in the hell is going on.

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