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El Guapo

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - 10:47 pm Click here to edit this post
I indeed clarified what "El Guapo" means. read again (useful hint: is the very last line). Is not a place, is an adjective.

After reading your last post, I'm afraid I can no longer sustain your hypothesis of being smarter (you know, more intelligent) than the rest of the creation. For somebody to quote 19th century alchemy (ohh ye thy faith healer) entangled with homeopathic phraseology, in the context of defective 20th century geography, all combined with basic cultural deficits (i'm afraid in your case those are unsurmontable)in a world of globalization, well it gaves a very clear picture of who you are (please tell me if I'm wrong):

You are in between 30 and 35 years old, living in an East European country, with limited scholarship (certainly no University level formation), probably in a low paid job or unnemployed, single, not dating, probably still leaving with your parents. You have read a lot of (what we call here) "New age books", about alternative medicine, conspirations and probably believe in UFO's. Some technical information is available to you, though, but sketchy at best. Your thinking is disorganized and you are unnable to clearly spell a discourse, sign again of low education. You are clearly ethnocentric (meaning too much euro-trash on you baggage), but not in the proud way of a french man, more like an assimilated, trying to grasp recognition at expenses of a foreign culture. you do not have a car, and your computer still runs windows 95 (clearly you lack the knowledge to setup Linux or any other Unix platform). You own a TV, but only have access to local programming (news that are clearly biased in an anti-American way), some day time soap operas (that I suspect frustrate you) and old american movies, from where you get your distorted idea of this country. In your micro-cosmos (maybe the postcommunist version of "el barrio") you are a loner, and do not talk to your neighbours. Somehow you believe that you are better than they are, that you are destined to "great things", and find this simmulation (in which you have spend an innordinate ammount of time)a window to escape your frustrating reality. Feel a little paternalistic, and offer unnsolicited advice because "you know better".

You have traveled, but not a lot. Maybe some other European capitals, probably by train (you can't afford a plane) and you envy their citizens, like their food, clothes and lifestyle but couldn't afford the best . Never been in the Middle East, Africa or America. never heard of Chalupas, manyoco, galaktobouriko, pad thai, or Dim Sum. You ignore who Miguel de Cervantes is, or Vera Wang, or Pervez Muscharraf, or Edwin Aldrin (or El Guapo for that same token). You have a rudimentary, gramatically poor and orthographycally marginal written english, but can't speak it. Learn some at school, some more on TV, and probably some more on the Web.

You have a horrible inferiority complex, that surfaces at every aspect of your speech here, and likely on the rest (if any) of your social life. your personality is hypomaniacal, and many times you find yourself deppresed, but you do not know why (hint, do not look at the mirror, it will make it worse). Physically you are diminished, below average, practice no sports and were probably bullied in the past. Will like revenge and enjoy the though of physical confrontations, were you are the winner, but lack the guts to challenge even guys you may have a shot to beat.

If all of this applies to you, I have a suggestion: get a therapist (sorry I forgot you can't afford one). Then stop watching so much TV, stop masturbating while dream with your landlord and quit simcountry. in other words:


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