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Clear Hat Of Wonders (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - 09:48 pm Click here to edit this post
Now about Iraq wars ... from today,
... unfortuantely we must go back in time and remember that before 1991 in USA was used a loaning policy that allowed free enterprisers to start their own business and if these would fall the banks or insurances companies were guaranteeing / paying for the losses in the exchange of taking over the control of the "just started" business, no matter if the business was continuing to fall after ...
In these times in USA the number of business enterprisers was rising twenty times more than USA was allowed to have before ...
Same time in Europe the number of enterprisers who closed their business was representing a half of the total (old enterprisers plus new "starters") ...
All the job was meant to enlarge the business halls for more brainstorming ... but not quite for real business ownership. How the things worked? USA's large corporations allowed to smaller enterprisers to sell small components needed for the "big industry". The family was enlarged with twenty times more Brains if not more in the field of USA's capital property rights, while later in Europe the big corporations(read: greedy) were not able to get affirmative answers from the other european big industry owners so they had to look for the needed components down to smaller enterprisers ... where unfortunately was a lack of intelligence and support.

These days the expansion of the european markets from west to east, from pro or post communist parades to pro or post kaukasian parades is meant to atract the communist east to the capitalist west side (France, Spain, U.K.) through mass media efforts (read:propaganda) and to distract the european corporative efforts of expansion using kaukasian terrorism in the east side ... meanwhile "everything is under control" (God Bless USA!) ... and USA has the control on both edges of the continent (I mean terrorism or capitalism).

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