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You lost the war...

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Visigoth (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - 07:48 am Click here to edit this post
OK Yankee;
I was obfuscating a bit there,it was NOT down to the age of the tanks.
It was down to Depleted uranium rounds.

El G;As to the politics of the Iraq war,and the profits heres some figures.
Estimated cost of War and occupation
10 billion
Estimated value of reconstruction contracts
4 billion.
Wheres the profits?
Well its simple,the 10 B was the PEOPLES money,via taxs.
The 4 B was CORPERATE money.

They dont mind spending your dollar to make them selves 40 cents.The 'They' here being war supporting CEOs rewarded for support.

And CHW;
Seriously,what the fuck are you talking about?and in what language?
What is your native tounge?
Do you use babblefish to translate before posting?
If you DO use babblefish,is it from english,into mandarin chineese,and then back into english with a detour via Old Norse?
I get the impression it was an ironic look at US foriegn policy through the eyes of hollywood,but thats probably just my brain desperately trying to find a pattern in chaos.
If that IS your point,then i would say the best Hollywood analogy of the Iraq war(part two) would be the Micheal Douglas flick'Wall street',its summed up in the infamous line from the character of Gordon Gecko,
"Ladies and gentelmen,..Greed,is good."

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