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What is Simcountry?

You lost the war...

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El Guapo

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - 02:00 am Click here to edit this post
Well stop flying already, cut down on the LSD or whatever diesel-related compound you are on, junkie...

Matt, I'll sure leave an e-mail address with Jinson, but I'm curious... you barely know me, I just did some translation (that, now I remember, I failed to upload, sorry), that's pretty much it. If you are in the stalker thing, try dating Clear Hat of Wonka, I'm sure you'll have a blast.

Visi: nice try on politics, but (at the risk of being call a bigot by Bosco, ehehe) the Irak war was, is and always will be about oil. Any other explanation will be a gimmick. For those of us who publicly opposed the war first and then the occupation, and us academicians that got labeled as "traitors" in our own soil by far-right fanatics, this topic is like beating a dead horse... leave it to the crazies like Clear Hat.

CHW: If you make sense once (only once) I may believe that you have something intelligent to say, and it's just too cryptic for low life beings like me, visigoth, and basically everybody else in the BB, and probably in the whole world. But again, in my last Mensa meeting, I learned that the highest number of truly intelligent people (read geniuses), live and work, create and innovate, produce and are proud to be in the US of A. You can squirm about it, but it will still be a fact. So that's that. I do not know (or care for that matter) in what God forsaken land you are proud to exist (notice I did not used the word "live") but I'm sure that even there must be somebody who knows who "El Guapo" is and what "El Guapo" means. The only explanation for your lack of knowledge, nerd, is that you spend too much time trying kiddie porn sites or in "". Anyway...

I'm leaving the game because I choose too. However, I may decide to stay just a little longer, long enough to hunt you and erase your pathetic lame existance from this database. It depends of how much Jozi struggles to protect you and the other "great unwashed" from anihilation by keep changing the war engine function. So stay tuned. My friends have at least one doctoral degree, I seriously think you fail to meet the standard, so go back to the dog house now.

El Guapo (translation for bizarre commies: The Handsome one).

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