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You lost the war...

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Clear Hat Of Wonders (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005 - 09:39 pm Click here to edit this post
About the Iraq war now,

Dear Visigoth,
There is a "how war against communists showtime begins with Communist-PostCommunists parades" and there is a way - in the end of Part Two of this war - called "Kaukasian-PostKaukasian Terror parades"

And there is another side of the war played in USA's homevideos where we see how USA-world communications begins dancing like Fred Astaire and singing like Frank Sinatra ... and there is a way of "watchout" to a more "bloody-type" called Tom Jones and there is a way to end these with a latin filipic proposal, named Phil Collins.
There is a way the sci-fi begins with "Titanic" production and a way to "lookout" for the "Star Wars" series ... and there is a way back home to mother USA called "New York, New York ..." or if you are still living in the scientists world the way back is called "Neill Armstrong" and the production is called "First Step on the Moon".
There is a way to beging the USA showtime with a Rockefeller scarface and historicly later to end it with a little bit slimed scar of Michael Douglas ... after crossing all possible Cleopatristic Burton / Kennedian Royal swedish versions / Bill Gates - with "hollywood ressounds of blackouts" etc ...
Of course, The Douglas Company is now closed and also (for Europe) Radio Free Europe ...

Unfortunately I don't have more time today to link these details in some of your tiny brains, but if you make an effort you may catch me ... I'm flying!!

(Best friend in the city of tax exempt forums!)

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