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Simcountry World News: Grand Opening!!!!

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Simcountry World News: Grand Opening!!!!

Adam Velma Doublestar

Monday, April 25, 2005 - 05:37 pm Click here to edit this post

Simcountry World News

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Second Edition Published


For a period of one entire year, the fearless blue international community has been rocked, shocked, dessimated and rebuilt, but another wave of change has happened. In previous reports, there were mentions of a wave of change "coming", "on the rise" but the SCWNews Network is now able to validate its reports. Every international summit .......

2. "Corrupt Leaders Steal National Pocket Change"

The World Bank, which is currently in the hands of the Ton Skoton Prin Ximerano federation in fearless blue, reported that more than 150 nations came to its doors suffering from bankruptcy. It is reported that the loan rates have been dropped to less than 2% due .......

3. "World Health In Dire Straits as 'Populi Deplet' Returns!"

The disease known commonly as 'populi deplet' has been cured in all the free world! Cunningham, the leading military defensive power in fearless blue, has had an increase up to 4.5 Million babies born a year, that is up 200,000 babies from the previous year. This is also in many nations, as the deadly virus which fed off of the female womb, and the..........

4. "WG: Democracy Conquers World"

White Giant has become the most peaceful world in all of simcountry, despite the presence of such powers as Bad Karma, and the SND. It seems that the diplomatic talks with the United Coalition Forces to preserve peace extended further than previously thought. The amount....

5. "Markets Rise to Green Zone in Free Worlds"

After a breif period of resets in the free worlds, the markets have again restabilized into the safe zone, "green zone", with few more profitable markets still with high demand, which is normal, but way below the -30,000,000,000 demand that was previously.....


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