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You lost the war...

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Visigoth (Fearless Blue)

Monday, April 25, 2005 - 03:28 pm Click here to edit this post
Jumping Joe,you are living in a different real world than I am apparently.
In THIS real world there is ALWAYS a profit to a war,or its not fought.
The Iraq war,(although war is a loose term for one army highly trained army VS some guys with a few 20 year old russian tanks,and some notional WMDs) has been immediately profitable for the following;
The weapons industry
The building industry
The oil Industry
The Media
The Saudi Royal family
The Bush Family

But mostly its been a great recovery tactic for a US economy that was about to collapse in on its self.(and lets face it,still is)
War is often called diplomacy by force,its also trade from a gun barrel.

The US has been fighting for freedom and the capitalist system,not because they love freedom,but because they love capital.
'Ahh' I hear you say,'But Afghanistan had no profit did it?huh? yeah got cha didnt I?'
Well no you didnt ,have a look at the local Afghan borders,have a look at the once soviet nations with oil right next door looking to do a deal with a country that is likely to pay good yanky bucks for oil,and have a look at the convieniance of having a place to put an oil line to the north east coast of Asia.
See the profit?

Today its Oil,last century it was land,centuries past it was gold and personal ransom.(knights of the middle age rarely killed each other in combat as they had great economic value to the victor)

Commitment to fighting is nearly always tied to making a profit,and when there is no profit,its usually left to the U.N to deal with and called a peace keeping mission.

My own country of Australia recently 'helped'East Timor gain its independance from a reluctant Indonesia.The soliders did some wonderful work there helping to rebuild towns and safeguard citizens from Militia attempting to slash and burn the country.They acted with honour and courage and no thought of profit.
However this shining example of the fellowship of man was more than a little tarnished by the Australian Goverments quickly drafted trade agreement that the Gas reserves in the Timor sea now will be exploited by Australia with the Timorese getting a small token royalty from any profits.

Today is ANZAC day here in the land down under,and I salute every one of the Aussie soldiers who have served in the armed forces over the last 100 years.Its governments that pervert war and turn it into a supermarket,not soldiers.

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