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God Damn Hippies

Saturday, April 23, 2005 - 02:20 am Click here to edit this post
here's a perfect example of money as a resource:

my girlfriend is a district manager of an apartment management company. she was telling me about an e-mail the owner of the company sent out to all his employees. the e-mail asked why the reserve accounts for the properties were not being used.

the account is not owned by the company, it's owned by the property owner(deedholder), but is paid into by the management firm. the account is used for capital improvments for the sites.. in most cases, the money is used for replacing shingles on the roofs, siding, eves, and parking lot. since the management firm doesn't own the property, they are not responsible for the maintenance of property assets.

some of the sites are in major need of this kind of maintenance and are losing money because of it. the maintenance of the facilities is paid out by the rental profits (the firms income), or not getting done at all.

the resource that prevents capital improvement is not raw materials, but the money that allows a manager to proccess the proper paperwork to get the repairs done. if you cannot pay a vender for the work they have done, they will sue you. the management firm and property owner are liable for damages, injury, and loss of life due to neglagence. the only thing preventing that neglagence is the money in that account, not the lack of any natural resource, labor, or capital.

money, in any representation or form, expresses your ability or permition to use all the resources avaliable to perform work. not having the proper amount of money to perform work is the exact same thing as not having the proper amount of natural resources, labor, or tools to perform work. that simple fact is what makes money a resource.

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