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What is Simcountry?

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Friday, April 22, 2005 - 07:29 am Click here to edit this post
Think you guys missed my point.

The game was fun, entertaining, and full of people when everyone was getting killed off left and right. There were no invincible people, everyone got killed or reset. It wasnt a big deal either, cause you could restart, rebuild, and fight back on a relatively even playing field soon after. Pops in new regs were just as big as pops in old countries.

Pay to play came to the free worlds to shore up the number of paying players cause no one would go to GR. GR turned itself into a graveyard with countries that just became too big, defenses that became invincible (attack limits + no resets), few countries that could actually compete, and fewer actually players but with multiple accounts. Look at the past year of GR and you'll see there hasnt been a war, except for when someone went suicidal because they were finally quitting. As you have said Mr. Vicardi, you have turned yourself into just such a *problem* as have I and the other pay to plays on the free worlds.

That all leads to a dead world, and people only playign so that they dont *lose* what they have built. Seriously what is there for you, and I or any other in to do in game once your have basically full employment and nearly all your corps are fully upgraded?

1) Build A corp every few days.
2) Maybe order 100 or 1K of some sort of infrastructure maybe like 100 schools now and then
3) Adjust trade strategies every once in awhile
4) Transfer cash to a corp or 2
5) Maybe do a pop exchange to even out unemployed numbers
6) Entertain yourself by buying a shipment of ammo or weapons just to add more to a stockpile you cant and wont use.
7) The biggest one of course watch the population and cash ammounts go up. Only numbers that ever really change.

Thats it. About 5 minutes per country if you log in once every other day. With all the auto features makes everything extremely quick. Where is the fun, or entertainment in that? Your not really doing anything of value. You can leave for 2 weeks come back and have everything perfect again withing 10 minutes. Do that for a few weeks in a row and your interest will certainly wain. That is how and why GR died.

Sure you can fight wars. Wars against noobs and thats about it. You cant fight anyone worth a damn in game. There is no risk of losing a country if you have even half a brain. Doing so would make you quit since why bother going threw it all again to not be able to do anything once your big enough or strong enough to do it.

GR is down to less than 60 actual players, less than 90 total accounts, and about 570 total countries. How do I come up with those numbers? Use the spider, check the top 1000 countries, lists them all, check the top 1000 presidents, then just remove the accounts that are known to be multies. The free worlds are headed in that very same direction. A handful of people doing absolutely nothing. Majority of the *players* havent actually logged into their country for monthes and have been reset repeatedly.

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