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Thursday, April 21, 2005 - 10:28 pm Click here to edit this post
And Now im back on the side of "money is not a resource".(I didnt like the other side,it had bad light and no basket ball playing midgets.)

In various Jargonistic ways money might be defined as resource but in its real and acurate sense it is not.

In Economics money is a resource,but its also an end product AND an accounting system.In fact as far as economists are concerned,its ALL about money,and everything is is irrelevant.

In War far more conceptual things are a resource,tactics,moral,the lie of the land,weather.But all these are resources only to another general.They have no use for money,as its just a political detail,they care about what the money has bought them to line up in neat rows of death.

In Bank heist terms,Money is not a resource,(unless its counterfeit and used as a ruse)but determination,shot guns and stolen cars are.Money is again the end product,not the resource.

But in real world,the way you and I talk about real resources is in terms of irons,fridges,food,houses,cars.
They are resources and we earn money to get them.
The ROOT resource is our man/woman hours at work,divided by market forces into a nominal and flexible rate of value represented by the shared faith in our old friend Money.

Its not that we want money,or have use for it,its just a covenient way to carry around a weeks worth of work and trade it for the fridges,food and houses.

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