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Thursday, April 21, 2005 - 06:45 pm Click here to edit this post
I had thought the no such thing as a free lunch concept had little to do with opportunity cost, and that it related more to the idea of owing the lunch giver a favour of some kind. One way or another you (or your organisation) is going to pay for the largesse.

You do not always need money to start a business. If you can exude enough confidence about your financial position people can be swayed into offering credit (goods or money) regardless of whether you have any monetary backing. Some people have nothing, but this is how they get a foot in the business door. Confidence tricksters on the other hand rely upon such trappings as expensive cars and fine clothes to make them appear wealthy, and to entice people into handing over money because they believe the conman is "good for it".

I know someone is bound to argue that "yeah but you still need some money to get started in business", so I'll go back to the example of the oldest profession known to man, prostitution. How much money does a woman need to stroll along the appropriate street in pretty much any city, look easy, and receive money for favours?

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