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Monday, April 18, 2005 - 07:09 pm Click here to edit this post
Gold is a form of hard currency, it is also a resource.

Money is but a number, a thing of faith. People work because they believe they will be paid (whether they actually get paid or not is irrelevant). Conmmerce between buyers and sellers of things (like a toaster) works under the belief that what the consumer gets is a working toaster (which many not be the case, store may dishonour returns, warranty may be worthless), and that the cash/checque/credit that the purchaser pays will not turn out to be counterfeit money, a bounced cheque, or dishonoured credit.

Over the last week about 10% of the monetary value of the world's stockmarkets has evaporated, just gone, not even leaving a little puff of smoke. This monetary change in value of a whole mass of corporations, has had no change in the inventories, production capability, profitability etc of those corporations. Well, technically I suppose the profitability of some corporations would have increased slightly as executives miss out on corp value linked bonuses and the like. My heart bleeds for them.

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