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Visigoth (Fearless Blue)

Monday, April 18, 2005 - 05:56 am Click here to edit this post
a check list response as its the mood im in.

1-I AM a dissident,todays society sucks.Well spotted.

2-Ferengi understand the ephemeral nature of money,thats why they will not touch federation credit,and deal exculisivly in gold pressed latinum.
(Latinum being an widely used resource in much of the known galaxy)

2a-The Star trek economy is not communisita,its a rigidly heirachal militaristic empire,with the officer class holding untold wealth and creating the illusion of a cashless utopia.They dont carry cash because as starfleet officers they get supplied with masses of resources directly via the replicators,whithout having to pass the intermediate stage of 'money'.

All the rich privilaged 'silver spoon replicated in the mouth'ensigns you see are there often due to family connections,and seemingly are massively over compensated when you consider the apparent poverty of those living in the 'disputed zones',or those on poor outfitted mining/cloning/brainbug rearing/ore processing planets that would(if we belive the starlogs of several captains)seem to litter the alpha and delta quadrants.

4-Tolkiens ring.(LOL@ tolkiens ring.)Im sorry im maturity challenged.

5-The Egg thing is just another metaphore,but a good one.You are assuming that the egg is a chicken even before its hatched,it could just as easily be a crocodile or a kinder surprise.
You make the same mistake when assuming 22 bucks is a post hole digger.

6-I like semantics,and I like to argue at length about things that I either belive,read,hear,or make up on the spot.And so does eveyone who has posted here.Fun aint it?

7-The pertonus towers are irrelavant,but thats cool.I like irrelevant.I liked that PHD jargonistic post from Shhh about AI in particular as it had no bearing on anything,and zero use to anyone who doesnt work in Geek land.

9-What the fuck happened to eight?,.i had it just a second ago,..seriously guys,where the fuck is my eight??

8-Ahh there it is,..sorry,didnt meant to imply anyone stole it.

10-Bling aint a mutha fukin` resource be`atch!!!

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