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Monday, April 18, 2005 - 01:54 am Click here to edit this post
Your twenty two buck hole digger is a resource.
Congratulations on your purchase,and fully functioning mail box,you can now enjoy once more a steady stream of poorly printed crap trying to sell you shit you probably dont need.

You exchanged your money to get that resource.
It wasnt a hole digger until you went down and handed over 22 bucks to a fellow beliver in the monetary system.
Your hole digging device vendor did not perform this exchange because he has a use for the money you gave him,but because there is a better than good chance he will be allowed to in turn exchange that very same money for something he needs.(possibly the hooker mentioned below.)
This profitably prostrate prostitute will then take that very same money and hand it on in turn,to the next in the great fiscal chain and so on until that paticular 22 bucks is in poor condition and is retired and replaced by fresh shiny money.

Why do these people spend so much time saving money which they have a supposed use for,and then handing it over to someone else?
Because the money itsself has no worth,no use EXCEPT as a commonly agreed system of accounting our assets and comparing relative levels of owner ship of stuff.

Bill Gates has lots of money not because he is a collector of resources,but because its a conventional method of adding up how many free taxi rides,sides of beef and blow jobs he would be entitled to in exchange for the software/hardware he has made available to cabbies,butchers and hookers if we still worked on a common barter system.

Lets go back to your 22 bucks.
Im most places(perhaps all)the value of your money is fixed to to value of gold reserves.
Your 22 bucks is an IOU from the government for 22 bucks worth of government gold,which IS a resource.

Your actual 22 bucks WITHOUT the complex system of popular belief and institutional assurance that you can pull out your 22 bucks worth of gold if you want too,is just the value of the paper/plastic/metal alloy the money in made from.

I know it sounds like pedandtic semantics,but the human race is built on such vauge and arbitary definitions.

An egg can become a chicken,but a chicken is NOT an Egg.


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