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Sunday, April 17, 2005 - 10:46 pm Click here to edit this post
omg, you guys are sooo dence.

If your standard of "resource" is that a thing can be used to obtain a resource

yes, money is a resource needed to obtain ownership of materials used in the production of goods.

then all consumer goods and services must be resources as well


Your argument is that Money = Resource, since money can be used to buy resources.

very good, glad your paying attention.

But your standard also must mean that Money = Good and Money = Service

no, money = resource ownership, which are used in production of goods.

your definition holds that all resources are also goods and services and that all goods and services are also resources

yes, by anybodies standard. including your own.

That is not the case, and that is why you are wrong.

but you've given no proof that it's not the case.

but your error john and xeolyt, is believing that since money is just a system of exchange it's not required in the production of goods and services. your generalisation of resources as a term to define products that are used to produce other products isn't good enough to define modern soceity. modern soceity created a limited supply (limited because, as john pointed out, brazil can't simply produce money to creat wealth) of an item that, in itself, can't be used to creat a direct product, but is nessisary to produce all other products. in other words, currency. and it's soceity that demands that inorder to obtain owership of anything you must have money to exchange for it.

your argument is that money can't be used to produce anything directly from the stuff that it's made of. no arguing that. but it's the intangible essence of money that deems it manditory for a buisness to function in todays soceity.

SC itself would not be here without money. Jossi assures us that his financal resources are deep enough to keep the game running for a long time. but at some point, those resources will run out and SC will be no more. Jossi will be forced to balance his financial expenditures with financial income. point being, without monitary resources, this game will vanish.

if we were to generalise everything to the point of extreme vauge, then air, food, and water is the only resources manditory for the production of goods. since it's these things that allow humans to exsist in the first place.

if we were to go back to the point of barbarism, then guns and swords would be the resources manditory to produce goods. since it's the threat of death that forces man to perform manual labor actions that are needed in the production of goods. since that's not a very good way to motivate man, we changed to monitary wealth measurements (money). then told man that the exchange of these measurements is what's used to satisfy needs, wants, and dreams.

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