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Cajeme Leyba (White Giant)

Saturday, April 16, 2005 - 11:43 pm Click here to edit this post
Damn, this is a long ass thread.

First, no way in hell any WG players can get through SND defenses and touch JGresham.

Seocnd. I think he's wrong here, although it can be difficult to characterize money. Money is a type of power in my book. Look at electronic commerce. People buy music online. There is no physical resource transfer, just flying electrons, information. The value is in how the electrons are orgranized. No energy. No resource conention. Just organization. And it is not about how much effort the musicians put into it. Popular bands may spend less than unpopular ones producing music, but they may sell more. They produce electron organization that is more valuable to buyers. The internet is full of examples of people making money using no earthly resources or even energy, just organization. Of course raw materials like aluminum can also be exchanged for money. So you could exchange aluminum for music, but that is less efficient. That's why I personally cateogirze money as just a type of power, subject to people believing in it and some other things, etc. Gotta run.

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