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Saturday, April 16, 2005 - 09:18 pm Click here to edit this post

Pentagon officials have revealed today that ths Smug rays emanating from John Gresham have been effectively contained.

Scientists from the DoD radiological weapons labs had been working around the clock on the problem, since reports of his lethal smugness first emerged. Much to the scientists surprise the solution was quite simple, and their containment remedy has been declassified as a public service in case other outbreaks of smugness become apparent.

It can be revealed that the simple task of removing John Gresham's head from being buried in the sand caused a rapid and sudden drop in radiated smugness levels. Stripping John Gresham of the remaining pigheaded obstinance that he had been hiding behind, caused smug levels to drop even lower. When these two procedures were combined with efforts to make John Gresham defend his own assertions with proof and to make only defendable attacks against others his smugness dropped down to barely above background levels.

Unfortunately, John Gresham's resident smugness still emanates from one orrifice that the DoD scientists were unwilling to tackle. Yes, that's right, smugness still shines out of John Gresham's ar..

Scientists remain baffled as to why John Gresham had his head buried in the sand in the first place, and now have him detained in a maximum security "special hospital" to prevent him falling into the hands of terrorists.

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