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New world order: Warlords losing grip (Fearless Blue)

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Subcomandante iki-ryo (Fearless Blue)

Friday, April 15, 2005 - 08:57 pm Click here to edit this post
I am not someone who plays online games much; I have only really played one other game and tried 2 others.

I have rather strict criteria for what I think constitutes 'fun' or 'a total waste of time'. There isn't a fine line between the two here in simcountry, but making illogical changes (which even I recognize as illogical---im female after all) drastically reduces the broad nature of that line.

To elaborate (in an analogy)I can play a game for months, even if I am not very interested in it anymore (i estimate about 60% of online players are like that) but if you make changes which impact a game negatively..that fine line can determine whether or not the waste of time playing a game is becoming ~too~ much of a waste of time (the negative experience outweighing general associative apathy)

At the moment i am bored of this game (so are many many players) however, i continue to play ( while there is no logical reason why I play)...

perhaps I play in hopes that someday it wont take me 2-3 weeks to get my country prepared for a war that wont screw my country over (i dont war if it will be not worth it in the end..meanig, the advantages of having extra countries will outweigh the cost in time spent trying to manage the extra country).

At the moment I see no incentive in gaining other countries to add to my presidential repertoire because: 1) it is too costly financially. 2) losses are too costly 3) benefits are minimal since you have to spend 2-3 weeks rebuildingthe country to satisfactory levels 4) your initial country also must be rebuilt which takes too much time if you dont really have much time to play anyways (or dont want to have to spend too much time)

currently, there is the added fact that, if you have to go against 10000 fortifications you will spend eons trying to take a country over..and every time you kill 1000, the country will have time to replace those fortifications(keepingin mind people don't spend 24/7 online..there is ~life~ outside the simulated confines of simcountry), thus there is no point really in making war.

In looking back at Rl situations.. the US didn't have to destroy every millitary fortification in iraq to take it over (techically speaking). If the US and IRaq were in a simcountry situation, then the result would have been more like vietnam rather than a direct,swift takeover....possibly utterly destroying the US economy at the same time...

(noting that the organization of civil society and amassing a broad-based coalition against the US was a factor...and not stationary fortifications in vietnam..and current insurgents in iraq are not stationary fortifications either).

essentially this is a boring feature and if it isnt abolished, it should be reworked to fit inside a more logical and beneficial framework (having a war that doesnt take up too much time, but can be won or lost depending on experience of player and a countries financial stability in the country should be looked at first and foremost, IMHO)...

if you want to make such changes, then the cost of buying so manyforts should correlate with the cost and time trying to destroy them, don't you think?

but excuse me, i need to go and buy 500b worth of fortifications...

since I don't feel like spending time playing if i get declared war much time playing and making tedious mouse-clicking motions and intra-page-refreshing waiting time gets boring after so long.

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