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Treehungnpansynitis (Fearless Blue)

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Clear Hat Of Wonders

Friday, April 15, 2005 - 12:15 am Click here to edit this post
Me loves Subcommandante iki-ryo and Espy Eve's of mass rejoicing: Me like kitties!

I wanT To show you whaT is a fish good for in biblical ages ... you eaT, Tommorrow ... you eaT again, and The day afTer Too ... aT The end of Time when you will have the elders wisdom to speak, you will have not enough Teeth to articulate your words, you can speak some "noises", ... but only as barbarians tries - awfully(!) - vowelling a scream or a shout, and the only value of your wisdom is then a screaming pain or a shout suggesting maybe that you are handling a useable, painful stick in your hand ... these must change since now - Bible says - while you still try to learn the value of a civilsed, sensible language, different from barbarian language, while you still have all the teeth in your mouth ... And things changed indeed. Also mouth's teeth will thereafter represent for barbarians a symbole for which todays literature teachers and lovers would die to have it ... the symbole of the hidden-revealed fishbone that cleans your teeth after each time you eat, cleaning better than other things can do it in biblical ages. It is since that age known that Christ, their teacher and master, offered them five baskets of fishes and five breads . One for the name of God, one for the name of Son, one for the name of Sanctus Spiritus, one for you who read this, and one for me who told you these, Amen!
... I think that it is a pleasure iki to remember that during time ... for several reasons ... and esepcially during the last century the real Bible stories were mistificated, changed just to break the link to the origins of it ... because the Bible is supposed that was written by a certain person, or transcendent mind and spirit, undesirable today or yesterday ... because there was once upon a time spiritual transcendence known today simply as transcendence, the pure crap brilliant minds of today count more on transcendence than on education ... and they prefere to be afraid that a spirit will reside behind some true stories
... and will continue to live in the people's minds too, although unconsciounsely ... unrevealed. For example in my Biblical movies I oftenly see 20 baskets of fish or even a beatch full of baskets etc ... and 5 breads ... not the bread, but the fishbone symbole was the revealed language that allowed barbarians to share the same bread into small pieces after ... and the twenty letters for an alphabet representation through twenty baskets of fishes does not reveal things, just make them more complicated ... however in the hope that maybe someone will discover the story all by himself starting just from this information 20 / 5 , fishes / breads without any additional informations or assistance
... but things just get more complicated and the simple minds don't get it no matter what ... you may use a pickhammer today for inserting the imagination into their heads instead, but this was not in the Bible ages.

(Best friend in the city!)

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