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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?

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Clear Hat Of Wonders

Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 10:17 pm Click here to edit this post
I see that you like to kick back ... not into your own phillosophical scepticism, which you never met, but in the others opinions ... even if nobody invited you.
You have no doubt a feeling of consistency, but ... but mainly oriented / based on what you don't have or never reached that close to see and enjoy physically, ... which means, for your enlightment, a negative consistent pull back in your brain activity and life ...
I don't blame your consistency - in USA's world of compact meat products, on one street side, and razored mandibulated masockist coreligionares, on the other side, people can get easily an unexplainable feeling of consistency (fakely compared with art impressionism) ... and for further details, an imaginary rage outside US for more ravenge is the american dream (psychoticly oriented against the purely nazi homeland systemics ... however, available in all countries, but macho-morely emphasized there by a porkful mass media). As long as that consistency feelings are officially supported, a newyorkese Sancho Panza cannot be blamed of ireal-"istms".
Problem is that I am not yet your enemy ... because it is you who need to reach me, to find and touch me (... touch me, touch the screen! - Phil Collins) ... I can virtually face your instinctive rage needs initialized by your USA culture ... but this doesn't happen to mean that you wanted indeed to meet "the guy" (me) ?? I am just wondering if may be you wanted ...
... a short description of your homeland is not needed to ask myself if the consistency is not a result of the pro-feminist social politics ... meaning more advantageous sex, more heavy senzual flesh, more bisoneous-bull hard feelings incapable of more dreams and brain activities. If it is this, means you are working in a group of women or in a simulacruous efeminated space ... or you are the fortunated owner of a highly sensible refined pattern (resulted either culturally ... either socially) ... but perhaps I exagerated a bit on this last part.

I want to help you a bit: from what I and others know about me ... I can work continuously 40 hours from 48 in medium-heavy jobs ... and I can work with a PC (social and intelligent, comfortably home tower power utility) like 60 hours continuously ... I can learn by heart while just reading and can find theories not explained by authors in their books (of any specialty) in less than 5 minutes ... when I was 20 years old I learned by heart a manual in 2 hours and another one (university level) in 4 hours, including demonstrations for theory where it was not available and even discovering new theory rules while learning that fast, but this was 15 years ago, full of nightmares and trash ...
It is possible for you or for 99% of you to consider that I am over working at this PC, ... for me it is just easy, 24 hours are an easy program and I love using PCs (... social and intelligent functions) more than others do.
So please try not to think that I am answering to your kicks because I am desperately hanging on subjects where I cannot be rained with tomatoes, because I am thinking or feeling myself a king (of tomatoes?), because I am paranoid and struggling to survive to my poor animal condition ... you know what Sancho Finanza(?) I am doing it because it is easy task for me, because I like helping ... at the high level where I can do my best, because I like simcountry opportunities of development (even if not yet the entire w3c game "developments"), ... and also because my life consists of 28 days spend monthly sleeping / dreaming or just waiting the day when I get my 20 dollars equivalent, day when I can arrive to an Internet to see what is gardening Jozi here, also because I can't try another job since my last trial was at clean back departments where I was cleaning streets of garbage ... but unfortunately the boss sent me out cause he wanted so (I was perspirating enough to be liked by all vice-bosses, but the boss had other ideas) ... and the list is much longer baby Sancho, I am not "specially" interested in New York heritage or people because I have my own nuts right here ... unfortunately I don't have my own family or my own house or home, but I survive ... thanksfully to this game, just dreaming ... not unfairely insulting people during conversations.
Did I forgot to tell you that as much as I like music I love to exercise benglishing ...!?

About you El Guapo, you must understand that I am not trying to lie anybody, you are free to have your opinions about how the world runs from WW I massive exterminations to the current au-tomatoes-ation, you are free to go to the NY zoo and, instead of finding me there ... to find your pyteccanhattan worldy randomise-nation, you are free to reply on these too ... please, be nice, when I try to write something with a visible good intention in B-boards, do not bring your trash replies there ... get them here. I hope to meet you soon, I mean daily ... bye bye and hit the mirrors, and now look forward!
P.S.About dirty talks: without words heard from the mouth of barbarians, their kids could never make the right choice between a sensible coined voice and their pounded mad heart.

(Best friend in the city! ... not necessarily NY related :))

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