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Treehungnpansynitis (Fearless Blue)

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Subcomandante iki-ryo (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 09:57 pm Click here to edit this post
CorSec said:
"btw, in the banner, what's up with the fish? the girl i like, in a japanese schoolgirl kinda way...but a fish? "

The fish! oh the fish~ here might be the fantastical reason:

in the christian bible Jesus multiplied fish to feed a large hungry crowd...another time, when peter(?) was all fishing n' that he couldnt catch any fish, Jesus came along and was all like "yo, ma homey, have faith and you gonna get some mad props" and low-and-behold homey got some fish.

the fish is symbolic of what? ...prosperity? faith? expression of god's omnipotence?

the little girl represents the youth, the innocent, the common people (who have mutated from polution and have grown bunny/kitty ears)

either way these actions, Being a blasphemer and non-christian, are what I call that 'magic.....

*side note: the christian god is referred to as "the light of the world"* that magic doesnt come from the earth, and is greater, more brilliantover-reaching (like the dark night sky and its millions of stars), I call it --lovingly-- "starlight-magic".

^___^ \/..

.....moreover, because I am sarcastic and ever-trying to emasculate the male-species, I added the "prettypretty lovelove"

In conclusion, am I saying that the knights rule FB and are like beautiful heavenly gods? sure, why not, everyone needs a bit of egocentrism at some point in their life. But remember, the Knights love you--even if they try to take yo country like a savage rampant-mad-beast.

thus concludes my story

.........which....i actually just made up pro bono--to satisfy your curiousity.

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