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The Shiekh (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 07:08 pm Click here to edit this post
I'm sorry, but I'm still of the opinion that the value of money is just a number. It has more to do with reputation than any asset backing.

Yes, money used to be backed by gold reserves in bank vaults. But what is the difference between a country having gold in a bank vault and having proven gold reserves lying in the ground? If a country really needed to they could mine their inground gold reserves to pay its debts.

If you are going to count resources in the ground, then you can also count resources in a country's airspace and within its maritime boundaries. Given that there is about 8 times as much gold in the sea than has been mined throughout all of history, shouldn't the countries with the largest maritime boundaries be the richest?

Gold is not the only "valuable" resource, oil (black gold) is also very valuable, and Iraq has squillions of the stuff under the ground just waiting to be pumped up. You could logically think that Iraq with so much "wealth" to support its currency, that its currency would have been very strong.

The US is like a sponge sucking wealth (and resources) from the rest of the planet, its currency should have very little buying power compared to other currencies. The strength of the US currency relies more upon its military might than any asset backing, its bullying power propping up buying power.

Putting rail guns on destroyers that can deliver satellite guided rounds is a rather cumbersome way of doing it. Far better to have the guns located in your home country, to have a bunch of cheap projectiles in orbit at all times during hostilities, and to just call down a rain of projectile when the need arives.

Large guns are nothing new, and they can be used to put projectiles into orbit. This may be of interest

"Under Project Babylon, Bull extended his HARP gun design to build the barrel in segments, with a total length of 512 feet. The gun would be able to fire 600 kg projectile to a range of 1,000 kilometers, or a 2,000 kg rocket-assisted projectile into orbit."

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