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I must apologize to Corsec ... free and logical (Fearless Blue)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  I must apologize to Corsec ... free and logical (Fearless Blue)

Clear Hat Of Wonders (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 03:13 pm Click here to edit this post
... he is right talking about the agnostic mambo military "leader" of markets, dollars etc ...

I say that everyone is thinking the same about the leading part, things must be lead - yes, just that not all people think the same about the way leading is getting pumped into action ... Women prefere to say that kids are leading their lives ... Men prefere to say that "market" business is enforced through military or other "not classified" actions / operations ... Both are right.

The market economy is floating freely on the previously created "irregular conglomerates", it is not triggered by military force ... in case if the market centre moves "geographically" from USA to Australia (main background) - to give an example - the leaders are following the course, but what they Must is to refill and equillibrate the market economy ... several gloves and tools are in their hands for this things to happen, things like innocently temporary presidents of banks or other financial broker facilities ... they say that is Bank or is Broker, is Banking On the inferior levels or is Broking Up through other levels, but from inferior positions ... this is all, in short words, if we exclude the whole list of stupid thieves specially hired for their mental disabilities, monkeys unable to organise their own life, but asked to take care of the others economies ...

But another Must is not to let Market float in the wrong direction , dragged there by some people out of this circle of power and mischivious knowledge ... actually they can't stop the floatting (I said that they only react after the moves of the market in different ways, directions) ... But they can at least prevent the move of the market in the centre of a Polynesian island / for example. This is made through a program of intimidation ... using all needed powers, from X murder to Factorial genocide ... so the people who owns a serious large business today are counted so carefully that they know even what these people eat daily and when or in what order ... so it is easy to get higher being a the right licensed stupid for the the right rat job ... for example a great banana man ownes after a long TV public banana activity a corporation or even a bank ... the great banana will do what is asked to or suggestioned, oriented to do what is needed to, mainly things related to decadence of its own value or of its class value ... how the hell the owners of corps in USA are not complaining that a stupid banana man is now owner of a corp with capital supported from other not american regions in the world ??? Simply because they cannot ... or if they complain they are OUT ... to be more sure about this, some bananas even die prematurely ... or wake up next morning bankrupted ... But all these things does not oftenly happens in USA as much as it happens outside ... Intimidating, scaring bananas is the previous part of the market economy ... apparently in Europe is a recession (for the sake of examples) ... in reality in Europe the capital transfers were made through so many bananas hands that nobody can remember when all this madness started.

Another Must of the leader circle is to take care that all these moves are looking great "publicly" speaking, here the Tvs and Newspapers and Radios and PCs are doing the rest of the job ... making all look finally like The American Way ... at some point suckers may believe that the world leadership - rather lead, bot not quite sheep or ship - is a contribution of everyone and is everyones free although hidden decision, they believe that is a sinergy were everyone freely participates and concludes, decides and get his part of the cake ... but this is only how the things are enforced to look through even more complicated processes about which I wont say nothing now ... I think it is enough.

Corsec ... you wanted a revolution ... here it is the reason: 6 billions sucking pyteccanhattans are not better than 60 opened rooms for "world business", now help them understand - either the 6 billions, either the 60 filled up rooms - that the american way is nothing else than pyteccanhattans way to nowhere ... I am going to tell you now why the revolution cannot start talking general things: every action in order to exterminate or to save the public image wears a name ... the name is a who you can reffer or even discuss too, the general action description from your opinion is only saved on the next days agenda of the worlds eyes and ears, and it is not getting more attention than the sunrise, does not enforce you forget sleeping tonight just to think and find out solutions to your unrespectable / unrespected or only unclear situation. Use a name and you get higher Corsec.
Now about Internet and informatic activities: there are 14 fields of activities organised on the baes of survey and control, entries and outputs. Use numbers Corsec ... you may be believed as making sense and normally sane guy. Good luck in your way up ... I mean in the way you try to organize your mind architectures.

With needed apologizes, best friend in the city!

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