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Clear Hat Of Wonders (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 02:08 pm Click here to edit this post
In order for good game submissions to succeed, we will leave behind Corsec's passionate conflict on not directly game related subjects and instead I suggest you to read the following suggestions I offered already two replies below (but are now invaded by green grass of Corsec's passional revolution) ... any replies directly game related are welcomed ... The occasion to bring this suggestions here was given previously by Nimz and other players interested in WAR problems, like THE PREFFERED REWARDS FOR WINNED WARS.

QOUTED reply {... in a long page is sometimes necessary and wise}

Clear Hat Of Wonders (Fearless Blue)
Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 12:17 pm

... and some are already paying, some just paying attention for the first time to our B-boards, some even pay real 5 dollars monthly ... many would freely pay something of what they have, but don't reached the site yet ...

But no one would like to be payed back same way "He Did!" ... a bit of imagination is required. Cash, easy-in-hand, is the last solution to pay for war expenses or damage - mainly enforced by not innovative game docs and practices, labour force (unemployed yet!!) is better than nothing - but I instead prefere to watch scifi movies where heroes get payed at least in convertible robots and social androids, tomahawk groundhold resources are "cookied" someway (from available temporarily useable households to extractive resources awaiting to be processed in some Avalanche-Advantpost type of move-buts activities) ... and the Gold even if is ... just ... more precious than we think, it is also oftenly understood by common people languages as "Delivery" from a certain point or position to another, opposed to gold deliveries stands the military marches against the mystical fortified bases, marches expected some times to bring back a "new discipline" and a "new weapon technology" - bothly mixed today into the so called Las Vigueures Vegas Mechanic Gods Casinos, italiens footed first time here and Holywoods galleries show how ... I can't even think players would enjoy to chose between the dream of the gold "desperados" and the rupestrial feet of the (monte) casinos ... when they found PCs networks working simply faster meantime being more valuable than goldwatches ... you may still have more ideas to bring ...

Here is just my opinion about how players (all of them) would accept to be payed for their war efforts:
first payment is called: Push The Button (not right handed aggressive hand, but the "Escape" one ... war finished) ... theoretically the rest of payments should lead to the same "Escape" conclusion and come before this last step.
second payment is called: "Ships study" and contains the names of the declared enemies and declared friends of the conquered strategic position (possibly including surviving political factions in the country) ... the enemies are expected to use embargo functions, friends can be the federation mates or more and support friendly actions with the conquered country
... now that we payed attention to the previsible things "expected to happen", we turn back to the procedures of payments: players who pay dollars or others to play wish rather to be rewarded than to be payed ... the "rewards" for a better war individual activity, common effort and planned conversation is better revealed after some time of war experiences, when players count more on their experience ... if we chose to "reward the experience", means to drive them to a top position which will not be abandoned never since then ... and top players will like to target the newbies having as only other choice to fight between themselves ... without motivation this will not happen and top players will be not the brilliant vets of the game, but the guys who stop any further evolution of the game, any further rush for experience and knowledge ... sooner or later the forums will also fall / the great fall of once the best intelligent wargame simulation ...
... rewarding war experience brings no good in long run, but war reputation(?), this is different
and reputation is mainly based on what players believe of themselves, rather than what others noticed as valuable in their hands ... reputation is better rewarded long before the war takes place (through organisational indexes or login frequencies or good management actions) and during war reputation is based on each attack plan ... not result / best planned attack brings higher reputation and may be rewarded immediately through weapons and ammunition (player has just to insert the approximatively right proportion of weapons types for a certain type of attack against a certain type of target configuration and the reward is "bucked" in reputation points, free ammunition automaticly supplied for the planned attack and a right to "vote against" a list of embargo enemies) ...
... a list of continuous successes of the attacker player will also bring into his hands "for free" the military support of the friendly armies belonging to his friends ... more successes ... more percentagees of the friendly armies available to support the war effort (this requires a game innovative function between friends) ... that is what reputation rewards means glory and gots to look higher ... while experience rewards means just a game fuck in long run ...
... the last but the only most important reward (from my point of view) is the individual-collective commercial expansion maps resulted after the winners take the countries ... the fundamentals of a good reputation reward and an easy readable commercial (and mapped) participation to the game are what I wanted to tell here (for now only) ... and are also the main targeted wishes of any player of simcountry now and ever since the very first day of registration ...
... Cash, labour, resources, ground, gold, casinos, experience earned heavily in long run are the last things wshed by mankind in intelligent games ... unfortunately if someone wants to grow blinded and stupid IQ 200 kids he can try the way it started already ...

(Best friend in the city!)

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