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Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 10:36 am Click here to edit this post
Wow, this thread really took off... BTW - assets is what I was meant, not resourses.

"today all global currencies are defined in terms of the US dollar (which up until a few decades ago was pegged at ~$35 for an ounce of gold). the US dollar is defined partly in terms of something unique:- the political, military and economic hegemony of the US, which is 'as good as gold'.

what i'm saying is that at the centre of our global economic system is a tangible political arrangement. it used to be the supply of gold, today the buying power of the US dollar (and thus, the value of all other currencies) rests on the ability of the US to convinve the world that it will remain politically supreme. this political power can itself be reducible to one resource- US military power (and all the sub-resources of that, like technological power). just ask George W Bush.

I could not agree more CorSec. This is why I personally have no problem with the US spending hundreds of billions of dollars on defense anuualy. When it comes down to it, it is the only thing that matters (military superiority). The DOD facinates me - my grandfather joined the Army as a young man, then after getting his Phd from MIT he joined the Air Force during the apex of the Cold War and worked on our ICBM arsenal. He would never tell me the details about his work, but one thing he did say made a huge impression on me. I was asking him about what he did after he left the Air Force, and he said: "Eh, nothing important, you see everything is Mickey Mouse compared to what the Military is working on" Maybe this was more true during his day, but still holds some truth today. For instance:

Picture this: A massive destroyer receives the location coordinates of an enemy headquarters more than 200 miles away. Instead of launching a million-dollar Tomahawk cruise missile, it points a gun barrel in the direction of the target, diverts electric power from the ship's engine to the gun turret, and launches a 3-foot-long, 40-pound projectile up a set of superconducting rails. The projectile leaves the barrel at hypersonic velocity--Mach 7-plus--exits the Earth's atmosphere, re-enters under satellite guidance, and lands on the building less than six minutes later; its incredible velocity vaporizes the target with kinetic energy alone.

The U.S. Navy is developing an electromagnetic railgun that will turn destroyers into super-long-range machine guns--able to fire up to a dozen relatively inexpensive projectiles every minute. The Navy is collaborating with the British Ministry of Defence, which has a similar effort under way. In 2003, its facility in Kirkcudbright, Scotland, hosted a 1/8-scale test of an electromagnetic railgun that produced stable flight in a projectile fired out of the barrel at Mach 6. But Capt. Roger McGinnis, program manager for directed energy weapons at Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, D.C., estimates the U.S. version won't be "deliverable" until 2015 at the earliest.

Fucking amazing! Makes me want to quit my job and go work in the defense industry.

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