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Message to W3---Josi (Golden Rainbow)

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Bad Karma (White Giant)

Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 01:04 am Click here to edit this post
Response to Johns L...

1) Yeah they have been lowing pop to a 50M pop cap. Once your below 50M your pop grows again to go over 50M, then is cut down (as if transfered out) the next month to be below 50M again. Thats been going on for quite awhile now. As we all know transfers take a certain % from each age group, and then a % from each category of people in that age group. If you have a country that has alot of military your MLM/LLW get hit hardest, if you have a tech heavy country your HTE/HTS/HTExecs get hit hardest. This tends to cause shortages in those areas leading to military self destruction/lower hiring since all those removed workers are replaced by pop (children/disabled/elderly) and workers in other categories.
If anything I think pops should freeze at 50M and anything over that (gained via trades) be removed to prevent this kinda thing. Though Jozi has denied it repeatedly I have shown him the graphes of my pop all starting to even out across all age groups (inherent of the way transfers work). Eventually my % of 0 - 4 year olds will be the same as 30 - 35 year olds, only a 1% difference now and getting smaller. This might seem like a good thing but with fewer young people in schools, there are fewer people graduating to replace the trained workers shipped out from the transfers. Eventually you'll come to the point I have come too, where you have to do pop exchanges every couple of monthes with smaller slaves (who can still create and stockpile large numbers of trained people) to prevent shortages in several different categories. Changing education priorities has done little, as the number of graduates has declined to were they cant cover all the loses to all the different worker classes.

2) War casualties were brought to their *real* ammount. If a unit had 40 solderis and 15 officers then all of them are killed or wounded when the unit is destroyed (realistic, but not feasible in this game). They have cut that down to 50% now, which is better.

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