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Wednesday, April 13, 2005 - 08:57 pm Click here to edit this post
thats symantics isn't it? Sheikh

there are two forms of capital, liquid and forzen. liquid capital is cah on hand ready to spend, frozen capital is buildings, trucks, friers, ect.

money doesn't get it's wealth from the government no matter how much you want to generalize it. it's a factor of GNP and amount in circulation.

but that's not even the argument here. the argument that I'm going on about is country value in SC and profitability of war. war is profitable no matter how you swing it, if it wasn't then nobody would wage it. the profit comes from natural resources and control over a population. in SC, the value of a country is represented entirly by it's accumulated wealth, cash. take that away and the war is no longer profitable.

you may be correct when you say that conquring america wouldn't entitle you to it's cash reserves. but to say it isn't even profitable period is just nieve, hippyish, ignorant, and just plain stupid.

McDonalds didn't get permision from Iraq because it was an american company. that's the only reason. that point really doesn't play into this argument anyways.

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