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John Gresham (White Giant)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 - 08:54 am Click here to edit this post
the capital? what do you think money is?

so wat ya gunna do now punk? insult my gramma? common, bitch, whatcha got?

Your gramma? I don't know her. I can tell you, though, that you don't know what capital is. Capital is the human-made equipment used to to produce goods and services. The reason people, in error, think that capital means money is because money is associated with investment. When you "raise capital" you are getting money to buy capital equipment. Capital equipment is traditionally the machines used in industry, but even a pen or pencil can be called capital equipment if it is used to produce a good or service. That is why the free-market system of the industrial revolution and beyond has been called capitalism. Currency has existed for thousands of years, but capital becoming the dominant engine of growth has only happened more recently, and it has only been called capitalism recently (the term was actually coined by Karl Marx.) Feudalism, with currency, was not capitalism. So, you are wrong once again. But I'm glad you gave me this opportunity to educate you and perhaps others.

money is a resource john, it's needed for every project known to america. it's needed for every dinner plate, workplace, family, ect., ect. many projects in history have been scrapped due to the cash resources, or catipal, needed to complete them. families and countries all over the world starve not because they don't have food, but because they don't have the money to buy the food. your understanding of the word resource is extremely vauge.

People starve not because they don't have money but because they can neither produce it nor steal or produce something else to provide in exchange for it. If one merely prints money that doesn't make them any richer-- look at Brazil's recent history. Ergo, money CANNOT be a resource. It is used to buy things. It is not used to produce them. It is useful as a medium of exchange and a standard measurement of value, but it is not itself a resource.

that's were you said war isn't profitable. the error in your kung-fu was compairing SC to the real world. in SC natural resources are not limited, simply built. evaluating the countries "profit" from war can only be represented in a cash form, the assets. putting population a side, because it can be bought on the cash market, every country is exactly the same as another. cash assets are the only thing that puts strategic value to a country.

Population, population, population. When you take a country you don't get the current treasury of the government. What you do get is the current income potential of that country, including its labor and capital (in the form of corporations and their upgrades, assuming you haven't destroyed them.) Labor (and capital, if it survives) makes war profitable, both in simcountry and in the real world. The real world has many more bells and whistles in the form of natural resources, but the gains from war are adequately represented within the Simcountry model. Cash assets are a bad measure of what you can gain by war anyway. Putting yourself into massive debt should not be a viable defensive war strategy-- and it would be if you inherited the debt and cash assets of a country.

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