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Futur of Fearless Blue (Fearless Blue)

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Adam Velma (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, March 31, 2005 - 06:05 pm Click here to edit this post
dont mind me in speaking, but I have had some experience in managing the economies of the game. I think I would very much agree with badkarma on the fuedal system (that sounds better to me). An artificial economy isnt all bad if we still have the authority to change aspects of it if we so desire. For example:

Lets say that the economies in the fearless world were computer controlled. One could specify what type of corporations (by a click list, where you check the corporations the computer can build in your country), he or she wants in your own country. This would allow an easier way to manage the economic advantages in the game, while at the same time allowing you to direct what the computer does for you. Lets say that the presidential dictator monarch (politically correct to fit all peoples here 'might have left some out') wants services alone built in his country. The computer would only build that in his country. the country would surely prosper when there is a high demand for services in the world. The president could then take care of the rest of the country more often and still has the ability to sell stocks of any corp in his country to make it publc.

Lets say two countries did that, and they both are highly aggressive. I would very much be pleased and satisfied with the high level of fun we would have, having the cpu manage the hard part and taking advantage of the fun parts of playing in the war world.

in response to Xeolyte Carn :

I would highly appreciate such a world that you describe as long as the player had the ability to determine what the computer controls and how much the computer controls. So what if two countries had massive armies and wanted destruction of the other, would it not be more fun? why do you think they have fought each other in the past? especially during the days where there was no game limits? great wars happened all the time! It was FUN! Would you rather have all control to sacrifice fun or share control and improve your enjoyment of the game, and if it draws you, will it not draw others as well?

I remember a time when the fearless blue world was populated very much with active players. There was no world powers because we didnt have a navy then , instead we spread across the continents until we hit our targets. Those days we had fun building countries and then having another's or our own ripped into pieces. That really was fun. Fun to watch and fun to participate in. If not, why then build an economy? Arent the economies made to support the armies? Im sure Homicide would share this view.

PS I decided to watch the game in case they improve it and make it fun again. Not doing anything else but that.

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