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Wednesday, March 30, 2005 - 04:01 am Click here to edit this post
here's what I'm thinking:

vetern players would make up the higher mucky mucks of the council. they deside who gets what and how much. they are also the strongest players in the world, so they are the enforcers of council law.

the rich and highly populated players (council members) would have to help fund the new federations with building assets for the new federations or empires. each councilmen should be able to finance 3-4 players at a time.

these 3-4 players (noobs and average players) would form a federation. the council as a whole would be responcible for the training and orginising of the new federations.

I'm thinking that players with the know-how and skills would be able to act as advisers and temperary chairmen of the new feds until they are able to manage themselves.

the intention is to train new players in warfar and country management. the council would have to keep these young players from building massive defence and deter the others from attacking. ultimatley they would have to attack each other. the loser of the war would recieve more help from the council to build a new federation/empire. I'm hoping this would help lower the risks of war and make it more appealing to young players.

over time, these new players will gain the needed experiance to become the next generation of veterns, thus perpetuating the councils funds and ability to support new players.

another function of the council would be to determine what changes to FB are needed to keep war from becomming extinct.

so thats my idea of what the council should do. please feel free to submit ideas.

@ big brother: I agree with the lack of players. my hope is to attract every new player that comes to simcountry. the main problem with SC at the moment, is it's inability to addict young players. this is mainly due to lack of useful guides, complexity of the game, and total ruthlessness of vetern players. if we succeed at addicting the new players, then the lack of players will become less of a problem in the future. I disagree with you on the critical mass part, I think that if the council helps finance the players and make empire building less difficult, they would be more likely to stay interested in the game and restock the farm (so to speak). with navies, everyone is basicly in reach so the size of the world is less of a problem.

|red{@ CSA}: war is expencive, we have w3c to blame for that...but if us uber rich players would help finance the young players, the cost of arms would be less of a problem. plus, as a council of uber empires we can impose laws that prevent defences from becoming to big...atleast thats one way of going about it. this, of course is one of the many problems this project would face...swish, swish.

@ Alex: how to elect council members. elect isnt really the idea, everything must be voluntary in order for the council to get started. for the most part, council members are mainly here to get information and aid out to the new players. at this point in time, the council would only be aiding the players in learning, funding them with construction money, and helping them build a team instead of just another noob fed. only a few administration tasks would have to be done to set this up.

following is a list of things needed for the council to function:

1) a home. I'm thinking we could rub Genie the rigth way and ask him to create a section on his site for the council to use. I know he has federation boards available.

2) we need to elect council members.

3) we need a system of government for the council.

4) volunteers for the initial funding of the new players and federations. I'll donate just about every assets in my empire for this cause, but as more players join the council we may need more than what my empire has to offer.

closing remarks:

I understand that we could simply offer construction money to new players and post all game guides here or on TNN. but that does nothing to solve the major problems facing this game. new players must feel like they are a part of something, not just here to play or sample the game.

to explain that, one needs only to understand the knights. the knights have stay together as a team mainly due to friendship and a shared love for war in SC. since we all feel this, it's easy to understand that no matter what happens to our empires or our federation, we will aways play together as friends and a team.

NSA feels the same way, I'll bet. the main members of that fed live together and play together. this makes them bonded and loyal.

TSPX does not have this. they may be friends, but they share no common bond in the game. as a result, they fell into inactivity when thier fearless leader went inactive. now, understand that they haven't quite entirely from the game. they just do nothing as a team....what a waste of space on the freak'n war world, IMO.

the idea is to draw new players to FB and pack the community closer together. make players focus less on country management and more on war, the mear definition of FB..the war world.

the biggest obsticale would be w3c. what I mean here is getting jozi to understand what we, as a community of warriors want in FB and to hell with the rest of the worlds. losen the burdens of weapons purchasing on the FI and the war game will open up dramaticly. reduce rebels and civil unrest and allow players to focus less on thier countries and more on waging war. allowing players to build up for war faster and you'll see wars fought more freqeuntly, thus keeping the world interesting.

and thats all I got for now.

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