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Doublestar (Golden Rainbow)

Monday, March 28, 2005 - 06:38 am Click here to edit this post

JUST IN! Read Story (below)

Reported by scwn.

The network executives, who had been suspended from working in all worlds for a "Corporate Reset and Evaluation" of the Network for a week now, flew to the headquarters of the World News Network, World News HQ. As they entered the airport they were just about to pass Doublestar and his entourage, when they stopped him demanding to know when he will put them back to work. Doublestar is quoted as saying "BURN THEM!" A general and two captains set the executives on fire right on the spot. The Executives were replaced. The new executives motivated because they have a new story printed a new paper with the top story "DOUBLESTAR REIGNS THE DUBLETARIAN NATIONS".

Doublestar was so impressed and pleased with the news, he invited the new executives to ask any questions theyliked. The first executive boldly asked, as the previous did, "when will the network officially be in business?" Doublestar again was lifting his mouth to say "BURN HIM", when the executive (only 25 years old) continued, "I ask In the Name of Father Dubletar!" A wave of whispers hit the palace hall. Doublestar replied loudly, "why do you use the name of Dubletar with such disregard in my presence? Dont youknow I am his direct descendant?"

At this the executive replied "Sir I do know, and all dubletarians know this as well. I have not disregarded his name, nor defiled it, but upheld it! I ask because we too are direct descendants of DUBLETAR!" The Leader doublestar is stunned at his continual boldness. "Boy," doublestar said," You have three minutes to explain yourself before I have you killed! I am the only direct descendant of Dubletar and all of the dubletarians, DO!, know this!"

The executive replied, "We know that you are, who you are, and I will in no way contend with this, but are we not all descendants of Dubletar? Yes, you are the only one who has come directly from his blood stream, but does that mean we are not his descendants?" "two minutes left!," doublestar says. " When the tribes were evicted, who left the lands, and who was chased off? Was it not all of our Fathers, or just yours? Who suffered for his name, was it your direct line alone or us who shelded you and boar the heaviest burden to keep your line alive for Father Dubletar's sake?" "one minute left!", doublestar replied.

"If it must be, then let it be!", the executive begins shouting," we have suffered for dubletars sake, we are the only ones in all worlds who can be identified as Dubletarians! We are the nations who all look to when 'Doublestar' is mentioned. With my last breath I declare, that I am the same as his blood and more. I am a Dubletar descendant, and we all are!" The executive finshes standing up, staring the leader dead in the face. Doublestar ponders and says to the knight next to him, give me your sword! I must do this myself, it is of great importance for Dubletar's name!" Doublestar walks to the executive and the executive boldly gets in the "chop off head position" and says "I have been heard and my blood will serve greater than my voice!" Doublestar lifts the sword, brings it down over the executives head and says "with this sword I exalt you to a new governmental position. You are the Cheif executive of the Simcountry World News Network. I give you, dubletar's descendant, full rights to do all you please, even as much as bash Dubletar's name, for you will do all you desire without persecution. All this freedom is done in the name of Dubletar, that his descendants may have joy! Your blood wont speak louder than your voice, because your heart already has. Go and run your network, and you have the full resources of the Doublestar nation in your hands!"

Cheers rang in the air, as a parade lasting a week, with 15,000,000 people participating. The entire empire of 120,000,000 people plus in the doublestar nation celebrated such an outspoken person, who has given all dubletarians the right as a dubletar descendant. As the executive, now Director of Simcountry World news, sat at his desk, his replacement for his previous position asked again "when will we be put back to work?" The director replied, “immediately!” A report was published the next day from the SCWN publicity corp saying " all efforts to produce the news is back in action. We want the new site up by the end of the week. We will not rest until it is done".

[Report End]

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