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Humble Request for a General Game Policy Summit (Little Upsilon)

Simcountry: Simcountry Bulletin Board  Humble Request for a General Game Policy Summit (Little Upsilon)

Nute Gunray (Little Upsilon)

Saturday, March 7, 2009 - 05:28 pm Click here to edit this post
Greetings and good health to the Gamemaster Mr. Tom Willard.
Thank you for your response. We the Presidents and CEO's of SimCountry do not intend to mislead or confuse anyone with our Humble Request for a General Game Policy Summit. In fact we would like to see more of the opposite happen, as stated in item 7 of part I, which is requesting that WC3 would update the documentation to reflect changes made. Now as for the prices of tanks here are links to the graphs for tanks prices on Little Upsilon.
price for Heavy Tanks on Little Upsilon

price for Light Tanks on Little Upsilon

These graphs seem to reflect a general up and down trend for pricing which is currently at a low part of the cycle, and the price will likely be rebounding in the next month. However, these graphs are of course reflective of the base price, and do not consider product quality. Now there have been numerious post on these forums that have tried to show WC3 that Item 3 of Part II is correct. W3C has forced our high quality products to be sold at discount prices. No products with over 300% quality will be sold at the price that they should be sold for. This occurs no matter the form of sale. If we direct sell the products or if we have the products sold through contracts, they do not sell for the correct price but are being sold at the maximum of 296% quality.
Therefore if I own a fully upgrade CEO corporation that produces either kind of tanks I would never be able to sell my quality 333 tanks for more than 296% of the base price. Here are links to the previous dicussions concerning quality of product and pricing.

W3C Please Read: Permanent Solution To Quality

Corporation Income Discussion (Golden Rainbow

General: W3C - Trading in Simcountry (Little Upsilon)

Meanwhile this is only one of the issues we the Presidents and CEO's of SimCountry and WC3 are very concerned about.
However, now that I see you have responded I am more hopefull that we the Presidents and CEO's of SimCountry and WC3 can have an open dialog to discuss the major concerns as addressed in our Humble Request for a General Game Policy Summit.
Thanks for your time today.
High Profits to WC3
High Profits to the Presidents and CEO's of SimCountry
Most humbly,

Nute Gunray the Viceroy

Emperor of UNITED STAR TRADE FEDERATION on Golden Rainbow
Kanzler of Chain Gang on Little Upsilon
Chairman of the United Confederation on Golden Rainbow
Chairman of THE BLUE TEAM FEDERATION ON Little Upsilon
Security Council Member on Little Upsilon, and Golden Rainbow

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